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    One's Past

    Post by Griffin on Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:48 pm

    This was it. This was f**king it. He would die here and now and all because he was too weak to help himself. His wet, clammy hands barely gripped the iron beam that impaled his chest, his slick, bloody fingers slipping on it’s cold surface. Damn pathetic.. He wouldn’t allow it. Not today. Not now. The pumping of his heart pounded in his ears, each shuddering breath more painful than the last. Funny.. Just this morning he had been daydreaming of becoming a soldier in the army, marching boldly out to battle to fight for his nation.. With his vision blurring drastically he felt his way to his pocket and plucked out a small, crumpled paper slip, lifting it to his face. Right.. He had finally gotten around to applying.. Guess it didn’t matter now. Not anymore. The paper freed itself from his fingers and drifted onto the ground beside him, sinking into the pool of blood that had formed below. He grit his teeth and looked to the side. Even if someone did find him.. they’d be too late.. He scowled at himself. No. He shouldn’t think like that. Anything could happen. All he needed was a miracle. He looked at his hand that hung uselessly from his shoulder. But he couldn’t rely on faith. That was foolish. He needed to do something for himself for once. No one ever got anywhere by sitting on their ass. As if granted sudden strength, he planted both hands on the beam protruding from his chest and pulled himself up. He let out a muffled scream of agony, blood bubbling from his mouth. He bit his tongue and continued to pull himself toward the end of the beam. No stopping now. He could see nothing but crimson now and he could feel his heart begin to slow. Finally, after what seemed like hours of endless pain, he slid off the beam onto the ground below with a sickening thud. He coughed and squirmed, grasping his wound and sobbing silently. No.. He wasn’t done yet.. Sputtering and gasping for air he reached forward, sinking his fingers into the moist earth, dragging himself across the ground, desperate to find someone who would help him. Not yet. He spat curses as spasms of unfathomable torment pulsed through his veins. Ahead of him laid a handgun, loaded and abandoned. The thugs had been foolish to leave their weapons for him to snatch. But then again, nobody who have thought he would have survived this long. As he grabbed for the gun, a voice boomed overhead. One of the thugs, presumably the leader, stood over him, a wicked grin of rotting, crooked teeth, wide across their cheeks. Their burly hands reached down to the gun and plucked it off of the ground. His heart sunk like a boulder, heavy with dread. Why? Why him? Out of all people, why did it have to be him? It wasn’t fair! The thug chuckled sinisterly and twirled the gun on their finger. “This kid just doesn’t know when t’give up.” With a swift movement the thug jerked the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

    Darkness.. Nothing but darkness.. Was this death? No. It couldn’t be. He felt so alive. Then suddenly, as if he had been brought back from the dead, light. He gasped, screaming for air, yet none came. He had no mouth.. no nose. In fact.. he was missing just about everything aside from his limbs. His vision eventually adapted to the light, revealing a small room with dull metal walls. The room was bare excluding the single chair in the center of the room, in which he sat in. He looked down at his wrists. Was he wearing some kind of.. suit? His wrists were fastened to the arms of the chair with thick metal cuffs. He tried to jerk his hand away, but to no avail. What the hell was going on here? He flexed his fingers. It felt so real. As if he WAS the suit. The abrupt opening of the airlock door in front of him caught his attention and his head snapped up to see a tall, lithe woman, dressed in a bright white lab coat, step into the room. Her chocolate brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun and her glasses sat just on the end of her nose. She tapped a pen against the clipboard that she clutched closely to her chest and cleared her throat. “Greetings. My name is Catherine. And since you are technically no longer yourself and are probably clueless to what is going on at this moment in time, I believe a proper introduction to yourself is in order.” She stopped for a second and rocked back and forth on her heels. “Your name is Unit One. You are our Combat Stealth Drone prototype.” Unit One, too bewildered to think straight, just stared at her blankly. Catherine waited a few moments longer before speaking again. “Can you understand me?” Unit One sputtered. “I.. uh..” Catherine sighed in relief. “Oh good!” She spoke a little too cheerily. “Right! So I should probably explain and clear this up before it gets too confusing!” She smiled brightly. “Your old self.. the one that is now dead.. has been copied into something called a core. Your core is what keeps you alive and houses all of your memories, experiences, knowledge and everything that makes you, you! Which means.. you are officially the first sentient mechanism on the planet! How fun is that?!” She squealed. “Now.. this might all be a little unsettling.. but I’m sure you’ll get used to it, no problem!” She clapped her hands together. Unit One couldn’t describe what he was feeling.. He simply didn’t know what to think. The sound of an explosion followed by the whooping of the alarms snapped him into reality. Catherine spun around and ran out the door that quickly sealed behind her. Unit One looked around, panicked. “What the hell-?!” A woman's voice, glazed over in fear, blared on the intercom. “Central core malfunction. Evacuate the facility immediately.” Unit One tried to stand up but the cuffs on his wrists glued him down. “Shit shit shit!” He looked around frantically, struggling underneath the restrains. “God dammit!” And once again he was consumed by darkness..


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