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Welcome to the Beyond. Something's out there, just waiting for you to find it. It's either hunt or be hunted out in this dangerous territory, so watch your backs. Join us now, and explore our mysterious depths...

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    Haskill, Sheogorath's Chamberlain


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    Character Name: Sheogorath
    Species: Daedric Prince
    Alignment : Chaotic Neutral

    Haskill, Sheogorath's Chamberlain

    Post by Sheogorath on Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:56 am

    Sheogorath left, Haskill right
    Name: Haskill
    Age: Almost as old as eternity, born shortly after the beginning.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Daedra (appears as a human)
    Appearance: A basic human man. He's bald with blue eyes.
    Personality: Haskill is dry and sarcastic, so it is hard to determine what he's like behind that shell. He is the loyal servant of Sheogorath, although it is more like the other way around. Haskill is the one who keeps Sheogorath in line, and sane. Oh, the trouble Rath will get into without him!
    Aside from being a servant, Haskill is caring to the people he loves. It's hard to tell when he does love someone, since he is so formal. His facial expression is always grim.
    Abilities: Haskill can teleport and use simple magic like fire, ice, and lightning in combat. He can be summoned by any who Sheogorath gives permission to, and Haskill will give them wisdom for their current endeavor.
    Weaknesses: When summoned, Haskill can be present only for a few seconds. He almost never fights, which leads him to being inexperienced in combat and an easy opponent.
    Weapons: None.
    History: Maaaaaaaaaybe later....
    Extra: Nah.


    "Now go, before I change my mind... Or before my mind changes me."

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