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    insert a one word title here to make aero have a heart attack of joy



    insert a one word title here to make aero have a heart attack of joy

    Post by Guest on Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:59 am


    although ill possibly never roleplay just talk to people because thats all im good at and every time i join an rp it dies of inactivity and when that happens everyone gets mad at me and i dont want people to be mad i just want to make friends also RWBY VOL 3 EPISODE 9 PENNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    we still need blake to finsih team RWY

    EDIT: haha my sig is a temmie and its vibrating just as much as me right now SNOW THERES SNOW
    im tired this post was a rollercoaster
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    Re: insert a one word title here to make aero have a heart attack of joy

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:06 am

    Yay, I'm glad that you might be coming back :3
    *Still holds record for best title*


    'There are two paths, either go down looking like a fool or defend the thing that you love. It all depends in actions'
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