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    Dawn the Gladiator Empty Dawn the Gladiator

    Post by Isabelle on Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:08 am

    Dawn the Gladiator Dawn_by_andigmac-d98pc25
    Personal Info:
    Name: Dawn Drageana
    Nickname: The Gladiator, Sunrise (pet name)
    Age: 40
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Clan: Team Dragon Storm
    Rank: ?
    Height: 5'3"
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Pale skin.
    Eyes: Deep blue.
    Looks: Dawn is a blue-eyed, pale-skinned, black-haired strong woman whose weapons of choice are her handmade sword and shield. Her armour was also her design, explaining its simplicity and style. Her hair turns red nearing the tips, fading into black half-way. Her are usually slung over her back, connected by a small magnetic strip attached to her the back of her chestplate.
    Extra: Her colour scheme is comprised of mainly black, with red accent colours and a tiny amount of yellow.
    Hobbies/skills: She's skilled in the art of combat, thanks to the heavy training she received in her childhood. She's also extremely nimble and flexible, allowing her to dodge quickly and effectively.
    Strengths: Dawn is a muscular, military-trained ruthless beast, allowing her to overpower her enemies decently. She can also form a battle strategy in her head almost instantly, and is an inspirational leader.
    Weaknesses: Although she seems somewhat emotionally stable, Dawn is always overcome with guilt of what she'd done, of fear for the future, of sorrow for her loved ones' death. This can cause her to relent in battle, or become extremely defensive whilst on a touchy subject. Seeing or hearing certain things causes her feelings to overwhelm her, like a sunset or if someone wants to hear about her past.
    If she isn't careful, she can exhaust her powers quickly, causing her to be weak and vulnerable, unable to dodge or move quickly. Although she has enhancers that allow her to go without food, water, or sleep for long periods of time, she cannot exceed a week without sleep for a week, otherwise she when she does finally sleep, she'll sleep for much longer than a day. If she exceeds over two weeks without food or water, she will be extremely weak, health deteriorating over time.
    Accessories: Her shield - Dusk - can be used as protection or as a weapon. The more attacks it soaks up, the more damage it does when it's thrown. When it is thrown, it leaves a glowing red trail. The spines coming from the edges connect to a transparent red blade wrapped around the edge, creating an elegant and lethal weapon.
    Her sword - Shadow - can be used as both a close and long ranged weapon. When she flicks it, the bladed weapon transforms into a laser gun, emitting a scorching red beam when activated. Whilst in its close range form, it is a long, red-bladed sword approximately two feet long.  
    Dawn's Weapons:
    Dawn the Gladiator Dawn_s_weapons_concept_by_andigmac-d988uym
    Special abilities: Dawn's most remarkable quality is her power to create Shadow-clones. These clones can be used by Dawn to either distract, shield, or hide herself from the enemy for a brief amount of time.
    To some extent, Dawn has incredible, speed, and though she cannot break the sound barrier, she can still sprint much faster and for much longer than any normal human.
    Attacks: Her kinetic shield is her signature weapon, as she can take out many enemies with one throw. That and it makes its way back to her like a boomerang, so that's handy.
    Combat style: She always fights to the death and usually never relents, thus earning her the title 'Gladiator'.
    Personality: Dawn is a heartless, sadistic, cynical, ruthless, merciless killer who cares for no one nor thing but her revenge. Sometimes, she gets so carried away that someone has to persuade her to think about her current situation. To her, everyone is a threat and everyone should suffer, slowly, and painfully. She'd given up on friendship, on love, on life. In fact, she hates life so much she wants to get revenge on existence itself.
    Sometimes she feels lonesome, regret, and she feels guilty. She would wonder why she was still living. Life was a punishment the gods put her through. Karma for all the innocent people she killed. It hurt her that people would cower as she walked by, knowing her bloody feats. She just wanted a friend.
    Likes: Seeing and knowing other people feel pain, having meaningful human relationships, being genuinely cared about, being loved.
    Dislikes: Having others taken away from her, seeing people she loves in pain, being hated by the general public, existing.
    Fears: Dawn fears that she'll be condemned to a life of solitude. Everyone she loves seems to eventually die off. As if they were trying to spite Dawn.
    She also fears punishment, the many scars scattered across her skin a reminder to follow orders.
    Parents: Deceased.
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: She has a sister, though she cannot remember her well and it is unknown of her whereabouts and name.
    History: At the age of ten, she was whisked away by a private military force to become a high class, first degree, cut throat murderer. One day, one of the squads had rebelled, and attacked the military. This resulted in Dawn killing her, uh, only friend by accident, and every day since was a living nightmare.
    RP paragraph: Dawn sat down on the cliff edge, legs carelessly dangling down the edge. She stared sadly into the sunset. You'd think that someone like her, someone who works in the shadows would like the sundown, the night. No. She breathed in heavily, trying to take things off her mind. She heard a rustling from the bushes and she suddenly jumped up, unsheathing her sword and flicking it open. She pointed the weapon to source of the noise, snarling, "Who goes there?" trying to ignore the feelings welling up in her.

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    Dawn the Gladiator Empty Re: Dawn the Gladiator

    Post by Yuuki on Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:25 am

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