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    Aran, person who exists (Finished)


    Status :

    Male Posts : 59
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    Age : 2018

    Character sheet
    Character Name: Aran
    Species: Human
    Alignment : Neutral Good

    Aran, person who exists (Finished)

    Post by Aran on Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:38 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Aran Leavoze
    Nickname: The shifter, Razor, Icefire, or Stormflight
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Human shapeshifter.
    Alignment: Chaotic good.
    Clan: None
    Rank: None
    Height: 6 feet, five inches.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Skin, ghostly pale.
    Eyes: Navy blue.
    Looks: He has dark hair that sticks out a lot and is messy, very thin. He often wears jeans and a solid color t-shirt.
    Hobbies/skills: Hiding, going unnoticed, drawing.
    Strengths: Very intelligent, can draw well, can swim okay too.
    Weaknesses: He is very shy and stammers often. He also tires quickly when running and isn't very fast.
    Special abilities: He can shape-shift into three different creatures.
    Razor:Look up a picture of a Lamprey. Razor is like a dark brown, armored Lamprey with a long snout and 6 sets of serrated, rotating teeth. These teeth can rip through anything weaker than steel like paper. However, Razor has gills and no lungs, so he's useless out of water. Also, other than his teeth, he has no real weapons.
    Icefire: Icefire can exhale freezing flames, which he can also surround himself in. He can do that for up to a minute before it starts to hurt him. The cold places of this world do not hurt him.
    Stormflight: Storm can shoot small amounts of lightning from his beak and claws. But he is small, about the size of a crow, and not very strong physically.
    Attacks: Razor often swims next to his assailants, tearing their flesh up with his rotating teeth.
    Icefire claws them or blasts them with his flames.
    Stormflight dive-bombs his opponents while shooting lightning.
    Combat style: Run and hide.
    Personality: Aran is quiet. He dislikes large crowds, but also solitude. He likes shady places, but has a secret fear of the dark. Socially awkward, it is hard for him to speak to anyone he doesn't know well, but he does try to hold a conversation. Sometimes. When threatened, he often changes into Icefire.
    Likes: Drawing, cloudy days, small amounts of rain, cookies.
    Dislikes: Lots of rain, intense heat, vegtables, the dark.
    Fears: The dark and SPIDERS.
    Parents: Unknown. (He hasn't spoken to anyone in his family in 15 years.)
    Mate: Open
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: See parents.
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: Existed, moved away from his parents at age 19, lives in a small shack in the plains.
    RP paragraph: Pfft. I'm Devy, Eyn, and Aloria! (I'm also lazy and hungry.)
    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

    Status :

    Female Posts : 409
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    Age : 16

    Character sheet
    Character Name: Aero Dynamic
    Species: Dragon
    Alignment : Lawful Neutral

    Re: Aran, person who exists (Finished)

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:03 pm



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