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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Ariko Uszuniragi
    Species: Saiyan
    Alignment : Chaotic Good


    Post by Akreious on Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:52 pm

    For the host, Ariko, please look here.

    Guardian Mode

    Legend Mode

    Future Mode

    Time Limit in the Past - 1 Minute Maximum (Can be increased by unknown ways)

    Personal Info:
    Name: Rirkua (Originally)
    Nickname: Phoenix God, Guardian of the Cosmos, Demon of the future, Meteor God, etc.
    Age: 41 Trillion years old (Age-Immortal, Considered Young for Ultra-Phoenix Standards)
    Gender: Genderless (Male)
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Ultra-Phoenix or Cosmic Phoenix
    Alignment: True Good.
    Clan: N/A
    Rank: N/A
    Future Mode (Real Form) - 400 ft (Can grow infinitely)
    Legend Mode - 200 ft
    Guardian/Limited Mode - 164 ft
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Feathers, Solar Energy, Fire, Future Crystals, and more.
    Eyes: Golden-White
    Future Mode - The real mode of Rirkua, It is literally glowing with power. It's impossible to see what is a energy construct or physically there. The wings have rune-like symbols on there, with a heavenly halo behind the back of Rirkua at all times. A Fang-like thing can be seen at the mouth, used for energy manipulation. He also has a mane-like appearance on his head so along with flowing, glowing eyes,

    Legend Mode - Legend Mode Rirkua is the past-version of what his Future mode is. he can only use roughly 20% of his real power in this state, but it's better than Guardian forms puny 1%. It can be seen as a generic giant phoenix, with rainbow/Avian wings with several tails that reinforces his connection to his future. Not much else can be said here, although there will always be a rainbow somewhere near him due to his connection with bright futures.

    Guardian/Limited Mode - Guardian mode Rirkua can be described as a Titan of light. With crude armour-like spikes protruding from the sides, with a crown-like head structure. The center of Guardian modes chest is called the "Future Stone", which is basically the source of what little power He has in the past. The other crystal-like structures across his body are also apparent as they glow. another notable aspect of Rirkua Guardian mode is the hand-module like object. Not much more to add other than first appearing, Future-Strands that connects to the future can be briefly seen as it disappears.
    The module on the wrist of Guardian Rirkua can be used to temporarily tap into the power he once had in the future for constructs and attacks such as Zepillion Ray (Ultra), and blade constructs such as the Future-Edge.

    Hobbies/skills: Upholding the greater good.
    Strengths: A strong force to behold, Mentally and Physically, Also a very powerful entity in energy manipulation as well.
    Weaknesses: This Ultra-Phoenix's God-like powers are SEVERELY limited to just a powerful entity in this world so it's possible to beat him. This Ultra Phoenix is also mostly based on energy so energy-draining is a effective way to win. He also has a time limit in the past. Although, draining energy by itself won't actually harm Rirkua.
    Accessories: Ariko (Saiyan Host/Body)
    Special abilities:
    Time Travel (Locked)
    Dimension Travel (Locked)
    Godly/Divine powers (DEFINITELY LOCKED)
    High Specium-Particle Manipulation
    Future Spectrum (A future/Advanced version of Ki. Same properties)
    Elemental Resistance and more. It's a energy that can do basically anything so...
    Attacks: Ultra Zepillion Ray
    Combat style: A lot of energy-based attacks and strays from physical combat when in normal mode (Guardian mode is a mixture of energy and physical attacks)
    Personality: Ultra-Phoenix Rirkua is a lone-bird, preferring to do things himself but would gladly accept outside help. He is Born in a solitary life, but once seeing the suffering of others, Rirkua has been infatuated with upholding the greater good to the point of going back in time to fixing the evil deeds. But due to his young age (He is considered young) he is quite Naive like Ariko but not nearly to Arikos extent. But due to Rirkuas extensive age, Rirkua can be called extremely intelligent and sometimes even all-seeing (False).
    Likes: Upholding the greater good, Young prodigies to train when Rirkua will eventually perish (He knows the time will eventually come), Happy emotions, Finding out that he's not the only justice-seeker.
    Evil in general
    Abuse of power
    The inability to save innocent lives
    Having to fight on a personal level.
    Fears: Dying without leaving a prodigy to take his place. Draining of his powers for evil.
    Parents: Deceased
    Mate: Not possible (Last of his species)
    Offspring: Impossible.
    Relative: Dead
    Brothers/sisters: 3, all Dead (Birth rates are extremely low)
    Being the only offspring of the last family of the Ultra Phoenixes, He's been leading a extremely happy life until the ruthless tyrants of the Saiyans learned of the location of the last Ultra-Phoenixes. Rirkua fled lightyears away, only to sense that the energy signatures of his parents has perished. Maturing in a solitary environment, Rirkua was once called Demon of the Cosmos for his natural nature to now hate happiness and fun since he couldn't have it, destroying 9 civilizations in under a year.It wasn't until the adoption of the now Orphaned Ariko that Arikos light-hearted nature rubbed off on Rirkua and quickly grew to enjoy happiness and fun. But after remembering what he'd done, he made it a promise to himself to guard the Cosmos from any dangers from now on. This would prove to be short lived as after Ariko turned 18, the tyrants of the future-Saiyans followed to eliminate Ariko. Having no options to protect Ariko for if he engaged, that would open a way they can blow up the planet along with Ariko. So instead of engaging, Ariko used his parasite ability and entered Ariko and went back to the past, but after doing a slingshot, Rirkua lost his future powers which shot them from 1 trillion years into the past to 30 trillion years into the past. And well, you should know the rest.
    RP paragraph: It's Akre. You should know by now with Ariko.

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