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Welcome to the Beyond. Something's out there, just waiting for you to find it. It's either hunt or be hunted out in this dangerous territory, so watch your backs. Join us now, and explore our mysterious depths...

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    Sky of Stones (Looking for new members to make it active. Also, where do I put this? I wasn't sure.)

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    Sky of Stones (Looking for new members to make it active. Also, where do I put this? I wasn't sure.)

    Post by The Zeemos on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:05 pm

    Over 500 years ago, the humans drove from the Earth all creatures they considered "Satanic", "demonic", or "unholy". They thought they'd gotten rid of us. Little do they know, we're still here, right underneath their feet.

    To join the ones they've forgotten, look up sky of stones rp forum on the interweb. Make sure you click the right thing.

    I'm Elta the crazy admin here, ignore the infomercial advertisement. Ehh... so yeah. Basically, there are a bunch of human/animal shape-shifters living in a huge cavern far below the surface of the earth. The only light is from the plants, the cities, and a cyan mist that hangs above everything. There are also huge bats and mythical creatures. We have many positions open if you do join. And stuff. Stuff is good, right?

    Also, I'm new, so I couldn't post a link.


    [10:27:34] Eynkotu : I call upon the power of the plant potter, so that it may give to me the power of the baygel, and I ask that The Great Baygel shall call upon Yuuki so that she may log on to the bow of chatting!
    [10:27:35] Areo Dynamic joined the chat on Thu 3 Sep 2015 - 10:27
    [10:27:52] Eynkotu : Well, it called up Areo

    [12:20:56] Eynkotu : Nexy, why is your symbol a beach ball?
    [12:21:04] @ Areo Dynamic : I was wondering that XD

    [17:30:25] @ Nexus : (Go play Resident Evil, Eyn. Live it, love it.)
    [17:31:21] Eynkotu : (I will not play the beachball mantis game)

    [15:54:30] @ Dawn : Uh
    [15:54:30] Eynkotu : also hi


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