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    Fury, Vega's pet

    Vega Jane

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    Fury, Vega's pet

    Post by Vega Jane on Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:18 am

    Name: Fury
    Age: 3 years (she 'died' when she was a year old)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Ghost cat
    Appearance: Fury has sleek, short, black fur, green glowing eyes. Most of her is somewhat transparent, and her eyes are the most visable.
    Personality: Fury is nonchalant and usually doesn't care much. Somewhere in her, Fury has a soft spot. She is also very protective of Vega.
    Abilities: Fury can go through walls, floors, basically almost anything. And sometimes, even though she's a ghost cat, Fury can kill someone, and that person can do nothing to stop her; their fingers just pass right through. She only does this if Vega is in a life threatening situation, and Vega is about to get killed or something. Somehow she knows when not to step in, and when to. She also talks to Vega through thoughts.
    Weaknesses: I guess one minor 'weakness' could be her ability to go through things as sometimes she goes through things that can leave her temporarily 'stranded.'
    One weakness Fury has is fire. Blue fire to be precise. It temporarily immobiles her and makes her.... Solid... The immobilizing lasts about a few minutes, while the 'solidizing' or whatever can last up to half an hour; ten minutes at the least. On rare occasions it can last up to an hour. This is a weakness because it takes her power away (temporarily), and makes her vunurable.
    Weapons: N/A
    History: N/A
    Extra: Fury's species (on this forum) is partially based off of the black ghost cat in an Edgar Allan Poe game, but is mainly based off of Ghost, a ghost 'cat' from the Heartstriker hooks. Fury, however, is mainly based off of one of my Ocs.
    Fury is bounsd to Vega, so she basically has to do almost anything Vega says, as Vega is her master.

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    Re: Fury, Vega's pet

    Post by Akreious on Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:12 pm

    Woah woahwait, doesn't this mean Fury can kill anyone and anything without retaliation? O_o


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    Re: Fury, Vega's pet

    Post by Jaks on Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:47 am

    My same exact thoughts. I think that a pet shouldn't be able to kill enemies on it's own or be as strong / nearly as strong/ stronger than it's master. Also I would probably want more weaknesses. :I

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    Re: Fury, Vega's pet

    Post by Sponsored content

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