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    Henry Williams, the Dino-rider.

    Henry Williams

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    Henry Williams, the Dino-rider.

    Post by Henry Williams on Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:53 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Henry Williams.
    Nicknames: The Dino-rider and the Musket Knight.
    Age: 25 years old.
    Gender: Male.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Species: Human.
    Alignment: Neutral Good.
    Clan: NA.
    Rank: NA.
    Height: 6'4 feet tall.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Normal, white skin.
    Eyes: Dark Green.
    Looks: Henry Williams looks like any normal human, except he looks like he came out of another century.
    Extra: Will put this in Weapons/Armor/Items creation.
    Hobbies/skills: Henry is good at a few things, such as hunting game, combat, and riding on Theropod dinosaurs.
    Strengths: Being a soldier, Henry is strong physically and also mentally, such as able to wrestle and stand toe to toe with almost any above average person in strength, as well as being strong willed.
    Weaknesses: Horrible medical skills, any weaknesses a human would have, Flintlock has trouble shooting people from far away, takes time reloading gun weapons.
    Accessories: Will put this in Weapons/Armor/Items creation.
    Special abilities: N/A.
    Attacks: He is very good with shooting people with his Musket, Flintlock Pistol, and Blunderbuss, but also is skilled in sword fighting if he needs to, but he also has the chance of jabbing people with his Musket's Bayonet. He also uses his Carnotaurus to attack people, using his jaws and ramming abilities.
    Combat style: Gun slinging to sword fight, also jabbing with a bayonet.
    Personality: Henry William's personality is that of your standard soldier, tough, sometimes kind. He is also a bit stubborn sometimes, wanting to do things by himself. He also has the tendency of judging people on how they dress, he usually distrusts people who look shady. Over all, Henry is a good man, but you will have to be cautious around him sometimes, you might just accidentally trigger him.
    Likes: Salted Pork, fruit, friendly people, riches, anybody to call an ally.
    Dislikes: Enemies, people who pick on the weak, getting attacked for no reason, tasteless foods.
    Fears: Henry has the fear of dying where he is now, he want's to die peacefully in his old town. He also fears that his Carnotaurus companion will turn on him someday, and eat him.
    Parents: Unknown.
    Mate: N/A.
    Offspring: N/A.
    Relative: N/A.
    Brothers/sisters: N/A.
    History: Henry Williams was born over centuries ago, let's say about 1781 in real life time, in Xastristan, in a town where they specialized in training dinosaurs as mounts. Not much was known about his childhood, all we do know is that we went to fight some war, winning battles with his Carnotaurus steed. But on a mission in a freezing climate, he and his Carno got trapped in a large block of ice, where he would lay dormant until modern times, where he and his steed got thawed out, confused where they are before slowly adapting to their new surroundings.
    RP paragraph: Jira again.
    Aero Dynamic

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    Re: Henry Williams, the Dino-rider.

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Fri Dec 18, 2015 11:19 pm


    Why are you always so tall...


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