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    Captured.... Again [Closed]



    Captured.... Again [Closed]

    Post by Guest on Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:48 am

    (I've decided to try some second person rp Liana can be third person, Trinyah first person, and Irine second )

    All around you is filled with noise, the room resonates with nothing more than vile hatred. Slowly, you open your eyes. Pain rings through your head, but you must be strong. Your name is Irine, a fairy girl who had been studied on by human. And just when you thought you escaped, you find yourself in this dark cage.

    You attempt to get up, but only succeed in falling to your knees. Then, light fills your vision. All around you, you see nothing but humans. You try to scooch back, but your back hits the cage. You try to transform into a snake, but the bars are much to tight together for you to slither out.

    You seem to be on display in some form of market.

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    Re: Captured.... Again [Closed]

    Post by Sheogorath on Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:24 pm

    What the cheese..?

    Sheogorath's pale white eyes snapped open. Silvery-grey strands of hair had fell into his face during his knockout. Ugh... The knockout. He just remembered that, what had happened hours ago. Quite frankly, it was embarrassing. He was just walking through Mania in the Shivering Isles and the world just went black.

    And now here he was. Laying on his face. The Madgod staggered to his feet, feeling dizzy. He felt around for something to clutch on for support, and his palm pressed on cold glass. He was in a glass cage... Was he on display..?

    "HEY!" Sheogorath stamped his foot and marched up to the glass. He peered through. "Lemme go, or I'll have your skin turned into a hat!" Once the word 'hat' came to his head, he gasped. "One of those arrowcatchers... I love those hats!" The infamous Daedric Prince of Madness shook his head. Why would he bring up hats in a situation like this..? "Seriously though, lemme go! I'm King of the Shivering Isles and I demand you let me go at once!"


    "Now go, before I change my mind... Or before my mind changes me."
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    Re: Captured.... Again [Closed]

    Post by Yuuki on Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:12 pm

    Seika groaned, rolling over until she smacked into something hard. A bit dazed, she opened her eyes just for bright sunlight to stream in. She winced, and rubbed her eyes, before sitting back. "W-where am I..?" she muttered incoherently. She suddenly leaped back in surprise at a small child's face peering at her. "What the fuck!?"

    The female dragon slayer glanced up and all around her, seeing a clear type of.. film around her. She touched it thoughtfully. Was it.. glass? Didn't they know she could easily break through this? She glared at the kid with a snarl. "Back off, brat." The kid immediately fled.

    "Tch, what happened here?" She really didn't know. It was all fuzzy... it involved some kind of.... hammer or something knocking unconscious, but nothing else. "I SWEAR TO HELL, I'M GONNA BREAK THROUGH THIS GODDAMN GLASS. YOU FUCKERS MADE THE WRONG DECISION OF IMPRISONING ME! AND THEN I'M GONNA RIP APART THE BASTARDS WHO PUT ME ON DISPLAY!" She glanced to the side, spotting two more creatures on the size. "Yo!" she greeted, lifting an arm in greeting. "Wassup?"



    Re: Captured.... Again [Closed]

    Post by Guest on Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:35 pm

    (Fyi, Irine was captured and thrown in a cage for sale at the market. I was hoping you two would be browsing through the market and see her. Razz)

    You began to freak out, your eyes wide. You start to hypervenalate. How were you suppose to get out of here! You would think with a wild eye. Switching, and turning her head in various directions, you would feel like you were going to lose consciousness. But you had to stay strong! Maybe, maybe playing dead would work to keep the fiends away? As a snake, you would roll onto your back, attempting to play dead, in order to escape the prowling eyes of these beasts.


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    Re: Captured.... Again [Closed]

    Post by Aiko on Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:50 am

    ((I plan on Haskill, Sheogorath's chamberlain, to come around, Irine, so yeah.)

    Sheogorath's eyes darted over to the sound of screaming and lots of curse words that he figured must have been censored. He turned around to see two other beings; a teenage-looking girl and a snake. Upon the teenage girl greeting him, he lifted his arm the same way she did. "'Sup." He materialized the Wabbajack in his hand and the tip of the staff burned a red flicker of majicka. He pointed it at the glass, hoping his weapon may weaken the glass. Once he fired, the blaze from the magic lingered unto the wall, not causing any fire damage. It shortly disappeared.

    Sheogorath scuffed his foot angrily on the ground, and spun to the teenage girl. "Once I get outta here I'm gonna rip out their intestines and strangle them with them!" He motioned to the bystanders staring at them to indicate he was speaking about them, outraged and frustrated. As a king, this was really embarrassing. He knew he was bound for a sarcastic remark from Haskill when he returns to New Sheoth.


    Re: Captured.... Again [Closed]

    Post by Guest on Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:44 pm

    You blink in fear, trying to stay calm in this sort of situation. But you can't help but feel faint, eyes continuing to be wide. With another blast of light, you transform back into a fairy, your beautiful green wings fluttering somewhat. A worried expression daunts your face. You glance over your soldier, and see two strangers. They both look human enough, and you wonder why humans would capture their own kind...

    With closer inspection, you (signifying you all), would notice that your cages were, indeed, made of glass. You seemed to be locked up for display at some form of slave and creature market. You all are wearing collars, which greatly limit any magical abilities you have. And could apply an electric shock if you disobey.

    A man, presumably human, as well, walks up to you all, smirking at his captured slaves. "Don't try to resist. Those collars are magic proof. Do anything wrong and I'll zap you," he said, holding up a controller.

    The man isn't very handsome. He has robust features, and is wearing what appears to be leather armor. However, he is not out of shape. He has a scar on his forehead, an a bit of a beard, as well as brownish red hair.

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    Re: Captured.... Again [Closed]

    Post by Sponsored content

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