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    Banning Dragons?



    Banning Dragons?

    Post by Guest on Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:39 am

    I know I'm new and all, but banning dragons is a bit of a stretch? Like, this is a creative 'freedom' forum right? You know that latest guy that joined? Apparently he's leaving because he wants to make a dragon. Maybe you should make it that if you want a dragon, two dragons already on the site have to like mate and lay eggs to have another dragon? I dunno, this just seemdd like a red flag to me, and not even dragon hybrids are allowed now? What?
    Also, what if a competition winner doesnt want a dragon app? This just seemed real unfair to me and i would like to point out that, as I've heard that this site ispopulated from another site about roleplaying dragons, you may lose lots and lots of members to this new rule. Change the lore perhaps, have it that dragons from anothe rplanet came or something? Make it so dragons are like starting to reappear? Also dragon hybrids arent pure dragons, therefore should not be counted towards the 'everyone is a dragon' dilemma? You don't need a dragon to create a dragon hybrid, right? Like just have it flap flap and fire breath? But in a human?


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    Re: Banning Dragons?

    Post by Bermuda on Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:18 am

    I agree with you, Mel. And I do find it unfair that the creators waited until after people started creating dragon characters to ban them. But It is a part of the lore now, apparently. It just hasn't really been forced up until this point. I also find it unfair that so many people would own and create dragon characters. We have a total of six pure blooded dragons on the site.

    If it were up to me, we would remove these dragons. But It isn't. So unfortunately, this is just part of the lore, and even though it isn't actually mentioned in the "lore" section, as in the topic created that talks about the lore, these characeters are indeed banned.

    I also agree that this takes a lot of our traffic away, since we would essentially be advertising another site to people that, not only do some of the members on this site have a hateful history with, but it also takes our population away.

    Of course, I dun have a say in any of this. It all comes down to what zeh admins want. Razz



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    Re: Banning Dragons?

    Post by Jaks on Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:23 am

    @Mel: We were originally on a site called Oak Hollow, until we were hacked by tyrants(By that I mean one idiotic girl who thought that just because she made 2 accounts we would think there there were 2 hackers). Areo made a new website and we all migrated here. I do find the dragon thing very silly though. I think we should at least let there be dragon hybrids.
    (Since I'm a staff member I hope I at least get some say in this XD)
    Aero Dynamic

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    Re: Banning Dragons?

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:53 pm

    Well, with the dragons it is in our lore that they are near extinction. With every new person making a dragon, that could end up with a bunch of unwanted dragons due to the fact that they have been hunted for sport and glory by the humans. In fact, we almost want to cut down on the dragons we have now.

    And with the breeding, while we might have some eggs planned, it's still up to the dragons owners how many and, sometimes, who to give their babies to. Of course, they don't have to chose if they want some one person to play their baby, and it's always up to the offered person whether to accept it or not.

    Tournament winner not wanting a dragon? We might give it to someone else or just continue on with out way of life. After a certain point of breeding with our dragons and maybe some sort of human thing, we might open them up again.

    So, with every new person coming in wanting to make a dragon, it makes it hard because then there's not real creativity and will just end up with everyone as a dragon. And the dragons here can't just pop out babies, Lead and Ami just met again and probably need time to adjust while Aero still doesn't have a mate and Trinny is just too young. Dragon hybrids would also need a parent, and with the dragons near-extinct who would be their parent?

    So, hopefully this cleared up some stuff. If you have any more questions let the other staff or me know.



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    Re: Banning Dragons?

    Post by Sponsored content

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