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Welcome to the Beyond. Something's out there, just waiting for you to find it. It's either hunt or be hunted out in this dangerous territory, so watch your backs. Join us now, and explore our mysterious depths...

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    Site Rules (IMPORTANT)

    Post by Yuuki on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:56 pm


    Welcome to The Beyond, ladies and gentlemen! We're an amazingly fun community (albeit rather new), with equally amazing staff and members alike! Although, we'd like you to review our guidelines and rules before you begin your journey.

    - Spam. Spam is a very major issue in larger forums. No single-word or single-smiley posts. Please also avoid posting in the same topic twice if it's less than 24 hours. You may edit your separate posts into large posts. Of course, if you ask permission from a staff member to do so, they may allow it.

    - Be respectful to others! No one likes to be made fun of, or when they are ignored or insulted in any way, shape, or form. How would you like it if someone, say, made fun of you, then when you tried to defend yourself, they started ignoring you? I bet that wouldn't feel very fun. This rule is set in place to remind people that this is a fun place to roleplay! Chill out with your friends! Not some place to go all politics. Being respectful includes no flaming or complaining about other members, no harassment in any shape or form and no antagonising of others, ESPECIALLY with matters unrelated to TB. REMEMBER, this is a place for fun! Same when you speak with the staff. The staff help here voluntarily, and they still are human; they do have their limits. Please also respect their decisions.

    - No sexual or racial harassment should be implied in any way, shape, or form. Insulting or assaulting someone because of race or gender can result in warnings, and maybe even a temporary ban. Showcasing porn or anything sexual on the site is a permanent ban. This applies for your avatar and signature. Please do not use your avatar and/or signature to advertise. Sexually oriented or gory avatars are also prohibited. This will result in a warning, and blocked usage of your signature and/or avatar, and if this continues somewhere else, will result in a ban. If you want to advertise, you can advertise in the advertisement section, or if a staff member allows you to somewhere else.

    - In general, please watch your behavior and attitude. No one wants to roleplay with a grumpy person (Unless it's your character's personality when you're roleplaying.) Racism, hateful and pornographic and illegal content will not be tolerated on this site. Everyone should know that people don't like others insulting their skin color, their culture, religion, etc. You will get a reminder the first time, but it will be a warning afterwards. If this continues, it will result in a ban.

    - Absolutely no power-playing, god-modding, or COMPLETE OPness allowed. If caught doing things your character shouldn't have the ability to do, you can, and will, get a warning. If you are used to writing, but you aren't sure how to adapt so that you aren't power-playing or god-modding, ask someone who has experience, such as an admin, moderator, or veteran of the website. Our character moderators and admins will be keeping a close eye on your characters.

    - Crude language is accepted TO AN EXTENT. A swear word here and there won't hurt anyone, especially if someone is a bit pissed off and they need to let out some steam, although we sincerely hope no one will have to suffer anything like that on here. In a roleplay, we will allow swear words here and there, unless your character really needs to cuss up a storm. After all, this is a mature site (mostly). If it fits your character, then it will be allowed.

    - Try to make your sentences longer than 5 sentences, but don't make those sentences short either. We want this site to grow into an advanced roleplaying site where it's admired by many others, and so we need to set a good example for everyone. Please, please, please use correct grammar. We understand that English might not be your first language, but there will always be more experienced members and staff around to help you with that. Don't do anything such as: im 2 awsome 4 u bcuz i kewl or some shiz like that.

    - This might be a creative freedom site where you can make almost anything you want, but we don't want you to create those types of characters who could easily defeat others in a battle. In other words, an OP character (or overpowered). We will have mods regulating the characters, and if they think you don't fit in with regulations, they have every right to not approve you and make you modify your character. I'm sure you're all smart enough to know what OP characters are like, and what they should be like. Please no Mary Sues as well, which are basically characters who are perfect in every way, shape and form. If you still don't know, search it up online and look at some example Mary Sues. These include severely overpowered abilities, as well as personality. Balance them out, give them flaws, and just make them anything but perfect. If something is not in your app, or is not yet approved, your character does not have access to it.

    - Bare in mind that we have implemented a 3-strike rule to all members. Basically if you break any of the rules, the staff may in their right place a warning on you. Break the rules twice and you are on your last leg. Break it again, then it will be a temporary ban, the duration of which will be done under the staff's discretion. One more strike after that, then it is permanent ban. If you are one of those who are permanently banned, you may choose to appeal to the decision, but ultimately it is the staff's decision on whether they will let you back in or not. So it is strongly advised that you follow our rules and respect the staff's decision at all times.

    But please, have fun and be as creative as you want to be!

    We sincerely hope that no one thinks we're limiting anyone on anything. These are just basic guidelines we expect you to follow so we can keep this forum a fun and exciting community!

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to pm the staff members or other members!

    Have fun!
    TB Staff

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