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    Irine Gem Leah Empty Irine Gem Leah

    Post by Guest on Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:27 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Irine G. Leah
    Nickname: Will go by either name, Leah or Irine
    Age: Twenty seven
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Druid Fairy
    Alignment: Lawful/True Neutral
    Clan: Rogue
    Rank: N/A
    Height: Two feet and three inches
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Pale skin, with beautiful green and blue wings
    Eyes: Light green
    Looks: She is a small fairy, with pale skin and green eyes, who has ginger hair, usually tied up in a cute little pony tail. Her hair is pretty course, but can sometimes be soft after she brushes it. She wears a small, green and pink dress made from leaves, flowers and vines. She also has small shoes that are blue that she made from leather and flower dye. Her wings are translucent, and very fragile. They will also often glitter in the wind when she flaps them.
    Extra: N/A
    Hobbies/skills: She is rather skilled at taming smaller wild animals, with a maximum size being about three feet. She has much knowledge in areas of nature and the ecosystem, understanding which plants are bad for you, or healthy, and capable of treating sicknesses, as well as what certain animal characteristics and behaviors are, so she can imitate them, and show the animals that she is a friend, not a foe.
    Strengths: As mentioned above, she has lots of knowledge about nature, both animal and plant. She is also pretty cautious, taking her time to map out a precise battle strategy, and using her brilliant mind to think of getaways, as need see fit. Is also incredibly fast, able to zip around at speed of 500 mph.
    Weaknesses: She is small, and her body is naturally weak. Any strong punch could break her bones. Her wings are also very fragile, and can easily be destroyed or broken, causing her to be incapable of flight. She is also relatively unskilled at combat, despite her observative and calculating mind.
    Accessories: She carries with her a bow and arrow, though she isn't very experienced with them.
    Special abilities: Irine possesses the special ability to shapeshift into any animal she sees. And only after she has seen it. This does not include mythical animals, such as dragons or unicorns, and is rather restricted to natural animals(As in the ones from our world). Again, she is inexperienced with this ability, and can only shapeshift into a Black Rat snake right now.
    Attacks: Irine has few attacks, but one of the attacks she can use is firing her bow with her ammo of forty arrows. Another attack she uses is when she is in her snake form, which will be to bite any one that comes close enough for her to, and then escape, as she does not like to fight in her snake form.
    Combat style: Stay out of sight and don't get caught.
    Personality: Irine is a shy, intelligent loner, and a great lover of nature. Because of her hideous past, she absolutely despises humans, or anything that resembles a human, for that matter. In fact, she is so scared of humans, she will practically be paralyzed in fear when she sees one, and wouldn't even dare to attack it head on. Same for creatures that resemble humans. However, this hate does not carry on towards animals. She loves nature and animals, and would do anything in her power to protect them. She has a odd connection with them, which allows her to grow even closer bonds than any normal person would. She is also very intelligent about the world around her, especially nature involved stuff. She does not like to express too much curiosity, but she will from now and then. She likes to paint and do other artsy stuff, as well.
    Likes: Leah, as mentioned many times before, loves nature, and would give anything to be around it. She especially loves furry animals, as she likes to snuggle with them in the cold seasons. She also likes art, especially sketching. She considers herself average at it. Another thing she enjoys is flying through the forest, from tree to tree, enjoying the tranquility. And lastly, she especially loves being alone, because she knows she is always surrounded by life, even in trees.
    Dislikes: Humans, because of her tragic past experiences with them. She dislikes what they do to her homeland, and how they cut her world down in order to make money. She also dislikes the sounds humans produce, such as those horrible factories and the large machines they use. She also doesn't like robots, because she thinks they are unnatural and a sin against nature.
    Fears: Getting captured by humans again, as well as being in large crowds.
    Parents: Mary(Dead) and Johnathon Leah(Alive), Rosha Scotsfield(Testing mother, dead)
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: Leona (Aunt)
    Brothers/sisters: Gemini and Jacob (Blood siblings, alive), XX1-5(Test subject siblings)
    History: When Irine was but a little girl, of no more than the age of five, she was kidnapped by humans and taken to a lab, where she had to endure countless tests. These tests mentally and physically scarred her, but eventually, a mysterious group appeared at the testing lab one day and destroyed it. This allowed Irine to escape off into nature, vowing to never venture near human civilization again.

    During the course of these tests, Irine was assigned a testing mother, that is, the one who would be watching over her and doing most of the tests on her. From her dna, a clone of her was created, a test subject sibling, who died only after three short minutes of his birth.

    Irine's mother died before she was kidnapped, but she believes the rest of her family, including her father, siblings, and aunt, are still alive somewhere. Though she doesn't want to waste her time looking for them.
    RP paragraph: Ish meh, Liana/Trinny :3

    Irine Gem Leah Empty Re: Irine Gem Leah

    Post by Guest on Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:14 am

    Leh bump
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    Irine Gem Leah Empty Re: Irine Gem Leah

    Post by Yuuki on Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:07 am

    Leh approved.


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