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    Post by Keskorie on Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:56 pm

    Shadow Raiders: Guild of the Dark and Deadly Cooltext200496014917308_by_kfalash-daet269

    Shadow Raiders was formed almost as a hobby and extra income for the group leader Keskorie. With some money from the castle she bought the guild, putting a few applications up and just going out in look of members. After a few irritating missions, she knew what she wanted this guild to become. They weren't going to be delivery people, gathering things for people, no, they were going to be assassins and thieves. Anyone with a bounty on their head, a need for something that is rightfully theirs, or with a grudge. As long as the price is right, they wouldn't be afraid to get some blood on their hands.

    Shadow Raiders: Guild of the Dark and Deadly Cooltext200502545479278_by_kfalash-dan3u61
    Shadow Raiders: Guild of the Dark and Deadly F71f070f6bdff65374fbb5c350bebc13

    Thought to be abandoned, their team is located in the ruins of an old castle in Almor. Although, to avoid being easily discovered, their actual base is located under it. In the castle's basement, modified a bit by Kes, everyone has their own room with a meeting room, gym, kitchen, common area, and more.

    The first thing you walk into once you enter the base is the common area. The commons has two long couches and other seats faced around a large television for when members are on break. There's also a few tables behind that with chairs around for eating or playing games, the latter found on a shelf placed against the wall along with books and whatever else the members care to place on it.

    If you walked straight back from the entrance, past the couches and tables, you reach the kitchen. Here they have a refrigerator along the left wall, a stove, oven, microwave, whatever appliances you'd need for cooking. They have wooden cabinets to store all their plates and glasses in over the stove and countertops. The countertops are a green granite, and on the other side of the room is a bar complete with wine, beer, and other alcohol.

    And if you walked some more, there would be a hallway leading to the gym. The gym has various equipment and weights, something for anyone's strength or cardio. To the right of the gym is a training room. Along the gym wall is more one way glass, so that others can watch the training while the people inside don't get distracted by it. The room is fire-proofed and has a drain for any water usage. Outside of the room is trainer weapons used to simulate the real thing, but without anyone actually getting hurt.

    To the left of the commons is where the rooms are, about twenty as of right now, ten on each side of the hall. The rooms all look the same to begin with- a bed in the corner, a closet, and a desk -but the members may change it however they see fit. After every five rooms is a bathroom, all containing a shower, sink, and toilet. The bathroom on the right at the end of the hall has a bathtub with a shower head if anyone would rather take a bath instead.

    To the right of the commons is the meeting room, consisting of a round table and chairs.
    Straight back from that is the computer room, where most of the missions are found and taken. In that room is also a printer and other regular office supplies if anyone is in need of some. That room is to be used for official purposes only.

    To the left of the meeting room, what would be to the right of the kitchen, is the interrogation room. This room has a chair with some chains lined with silver. On the meeting room wall there is one way glass so that other members can look in while the interrogation is going on.

    Shadow Raiders: Guild of the Dark and Deadly Cooltext213896725054377_by_kfalash-dbmemww

    Keskorie - Leader
    Volestri - Second in Command
    Kuro - Information Broker

    Shadow Raiders: Guild of the Dark and Deadly Cooltext200502246908052_by_kfalash-dan3u6b

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