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    Dragon Storm [WIP]

    Post by Yuuki on Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:48 pm

    Dragon Storm is a neutral group; everything they do is mostly for their own benefit. They accept all sorts of missions, from assassinations to escort to straight out destruction.


    Shadow Raiders - N/A

    Crimson Legion - N/A

    External: Dragon Storm resides off the coast of Xastristan, in the ocean. They have found a home in an abandoned (for unknown reasons) military base that formerly belonged to Oak Hollow. During her travels, Yuuki had happened to stumble across it, and decided to renovate it into her home. This is Dragon Storm's main headquarters, expertly hidden amongst the currents and the steep canyon walls it rests in.

    This base is built, as stated above, into the side of the canyon underwater, and in order to access it you must enter through a special hatch up on the surface. Underneath the hatch is a steep staircase that you take to the bottom, where there is another hatch to pass through. Through there is a glass walkway connecting the two sides of the cliffs together, and leads into the headquarter's main doors.

    The base itself has multiple levels (5), and is built up the cliff, with quite a few windows. It's built to withstand very heavy blows, and has many secret compartments and gadgets that is still being figured out and improved on. Besides that security system, the base has an automatic shield bubble that will activate for anyone without permission to come near. Rockets, missiles, lasers and other weapons are stationed all around the base, ready to fire at a moment's notice. It also has a cloaking/camouflage system which turns the base's exterior transparent and guards from enemies that could be nearby.

    Internal: Upon entering Dragon Storm's base, you are greeted with the common room, the lounge, etc. Looking from an outside point of view, this would be viewed as the 3nd floor. Off to the left is the kitchen and the dining hall room. There's also a nice bar built near the kitchen as well, where Sly is commonly found to be working. Near the corner is a set of metal stairs leading up, or down.

    The 4th floor consists of the bedrooms, where the members tend to stay. Showers, bathrooms, and other toiletry needs are on this floor as well. This is an example of the basic bedroom structure, but Yuuki allows her members to decorate their room however they want. The picture specifically is how Yuuki's room is set up.

    The 5th floor is the observational deck, where the team tends to go to keep an eye on things on the surface, look at maps, or strategize. It is also commonly where the team meetings are held, and where Yuuki's office is located.

    Heading down to the 2nd floor, this is the labs and storage area. All of the lab necessities are compiled on this floor, where you can find the expansive computer lab, the engineering room, or a science department, as well as more.

    The first floor is mostly storage, where the large vehicles are stored. it also houses the large training rooms, both real and virtual simulations. Other exercise areas are found on this floor as well, not limited to a gym, a gun range, and a running track.


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