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    Dragon Storm: Deadly and Powerful (WIP)

    Post by Yuuki on Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:48 pm

    Dragon Storm is not officially a guild, but more rather a team. They are a formidable team, and is wanted practically by the whole world, and were labeled a "dark guild" by the world government, even though they weren't officially named a guild. Dragon Storm tends to keep themselves, but some of their members still tend to leave huge trails of destruction behind them, resulting in HIGHER BILLS WHICH YUUKI HATES. The world doesn't actually know the members of Dragon Storm, so the members are free to walk around in broad daylight; although some of the members have their own bounty, they have no known connection to Dragon Storm.  

    Dragon Storm was first formed when Yuuki, Firalyn, Seika and Alyssa met, and decided to form a team together. They were first a part of the guild Fairy Tail, before leaving and traveling to The Beyond. Here, they made a home, and gathered more teammates, starting with Ariko, and ending with Guryon.

    Dragon Storm is a neutral group; everything they do is for their own benefit. They can range from lawful neutral to sometimes chaotic evil. They accept all sorts of missions, from assassinations to escort to straight out destruction.  

    Members (7/12)

    Yuuki - Leader
    Seika - Powerhouse, firepower
    Alyssa - Weapons master
    Firalyn - Tracker, sniper
    Draligon - Juggernaut
    Arik - Strategist, hacker, part-time engineer
    Hisashi - Scientist, engineer
    Sly - Alchemist, butler, healer


    Shadow Raiders - N/A


    Dragon Storm resides off the coast of Xastristan, in the ocean. It's an abandoned military base that used to be one of the strongest and most active in the world, and belonged to Oak Hollow. But to unknown means, it was abandoned and Yuuki discovered the base and decided to renovate it and turn it into her home. This is Dragon Storm's main headquarters, but they have other smaller HQs stationed throughout the world to use when they go on long distance missions. Hidden expertly, the base can't be tracked by any kind of GPS or signal. The only way to actually find it is if a DS member leads you there.

    This base is built into the side of a cliff the opposite of the beach (so it's kinda like a canyon) and to get down there, there is a special hatch up on the surface that only Dragon Storm members can access. The hatch opens up, and there is a tube that leads down to the ocean floor (it isn't that deep). Once you reach the bottom, there is another secure door that you need to pass through, with a see-through walkway that leads towards the base's main doors. At the doors, there are scanners that literally watch your every move; the way you talk, the way you eat, the way you walk, and if it sees anything out of place, it will activate and attack you, so it's very very difficult to get inside if you're an intruder.  

    The base itself has multiple levels (more than 5), and is built up the cliff, with quite a few windows. It's built to withstand very heavy blows, and has many secret compartments and gadgets that is still being figured out and improved on. Besides that security system, the base has an automatic shield bubble that will activate for anyone without permission to come near. Rockets, missiles, lasers and other weapons are stationed all around the base, ready to fire at a moment's notice. It also has a cloaking/camouflage system which turns the base's exterior transparent and guards from enemies that could be nearby.

    Inside the base, the first room that you enter is.. well.... the family room. The family room is modernized, and rather white, with a flatscreen TV set up. The room is also very big, with multiple large couches and a coffee table. In fron of the TV, there are all kinds of different video game consoles, and a whole stack of video games (mostly belonging to Seika).




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