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    An Easy Buck [Mission- Asriel and Cicero]


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    Character Name: Cicero
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    An Easy Buck [Mission- Asriel and Cicero]

    Post by Cicero on Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:07 am

    ((I'm gonna call this forest Forever-Green. :3 Just cuz.))

    This mission was the first Cicero had signed up for since he entered the Beyond. He decided to start off with something easy and won't last for a long time (due to his duties as Keeper), and hunting for deer seemed easy enough, although he thought that deer were overrated when it came to hunting game. After all, why settle for stabbing a buck when you could rip out the heart of a giant crab? Mudcrabs were creatures native to Skyrim, and they were pretty much oversized crabs. While on the road, Cicero would settle for eating one of those, and would even choose it over a deer. But hey, he didn't get to choose what to hunt on this mission. And if he wanted to stay in the Beyond for long, he needed money.

    The outpost Cicero arrived to was pretty cute. It was tiny, made of white bricks and a tin roof. Yeah, just look at my pic for extra details. On the inside, the outpost was pretty much abandoned. Grass and twigs littered the floor, and there was no furniture. Once Cicero walked in, he leaned unto the wall and got out his ebony dagger. After getting a shard of steel out of his pocket, he began to sharpen his blade. The jester heard he would have a partner for this mission, and that he must wait for him or her.

    The shack:


    "Madness is merry and merriment's might, when the jester comes calling with his knife in the night..."
    [15:37:42] Killian : Cicero better watch his mouth before he loses it.
    [15:37:47] Askyus joined the chat on Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:37 pm
    [15:38:07] * Cicero begins to laugh maniacally.
    [15:38:15] Cicero : Lose it?! Cicero?
    [15:38:21] * Cicero giggles
    [15:38:24] Cicero : That's...
    [15:38:26] Cicero : Madness....!

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