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    Keskorie, the Actress


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    Keskorie, the Actress

    Post by Keskorie on Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:48 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Keskorie
    Nickname: Kes, Korie, Kessy
    Age: 28 Years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 5' 6"
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Pale, flawless, skin
    Eyes: Left eye; Blue, Right eye; Green
    Hair: Silky and brown, naturally wavy as if done by a stylist every morning.
    Looks: With her pale skin almost white, it would seem as if she never gets any sun. Her eyes, almost a mystery of how one could have a blue and a green eye, one dark while the other is vibrant, it seems like something that wouldn't happen. Her hair, silky and brown, naturally wavy as if done by a stylist every morning. And while she doesn't usually wear her flower headband you can still find it on her sometimes, mostly for special occasions. She will sometimes wear her dress, but mostly wears something fancy but movable. She has two daggers in each pair of boots and two pistol she carries around with her. She also takes a swords with her sometimes that has a dark grey handle and a very long blade, like a pirate's sword. Most of the time, she'd wear a black suit you'd normally find a spy in, as it's movable and dark enough for her to hide in the shadows with.

    Weapons (Will be moved to weapon app):

    Sword and Daggers:

    Strengths/skills: She's super flexible, meaning that she can easily do the splits and other things that most people can't do unless they stretch a lot. This doesn't mean that she can get out of small spaces if she gets stuck though, or even try to dodge a bullet.

    Because of her dad, she has good aim with her pistols, and combined with the fact she has had her pistols so long Kes has good hip fire aim. Although she only uses her pistols to threaten people, and asks first before shooting. After that she'll only kill someone if she needs to, or if she doesn't think they'll be of any use to her.

    she can almost sense people around her, making it hard for someone to sneak up on her. This doesn't work when she is distracted, only when she is alert and expecting someone to come up on her. This doesn't work all of the time, and is only like a 6th (Or more like 22nd) sense.

    Another skill of hers is her ability to act. Through acting she tries to get information off of someone by letting them open up to her. Although, it can cause trouble for her if she doesn't remember her story.

    Weaknesses/Flaws: When at a big setting, she'll try and keep her noble stance instead of fighting, not wanting to let the people there see her be anything else but a princess. This means that she'd even let someone take her away or use her as a hostage while acting helpless.

    Without weapons she can still punch but isn't good at hand-to-hand combat, making her only chance of getting away by running. With that, she also isn't good with other guns than her own, as she's gotten to know them well. It also takes a bit of time to get used to new weapons and how their weighted, meaning that she might make herself vulnerable if she takes to long to swing a new weapon or gets it stuck in something.

    She can think of herself as better than others, making her underestimate others.

    When drunk, she can really open up, making it so that she'd tell you her life story without even thinking if you asked her, meaning that she could let away vital information.

    While she can act and get information out of people, she doesn't have a photographic memory and could forget stuff she said earlier, causing some people to catch onto what she was doing. If someone was trying to play her too she wouldn't know that they were, possibly giving or getting false information.

    Being a human, she has weak flesh and even if it's a good idea, she doesn't wear armor. The only thing protecting her is her clothes and her weapons.

    Even if she talks a lot when drunk, it doesn't stop her from drinking, and if people buy her drinks why not drink them?

    Special Abilities:
    Aerokinesis: She can control the air, which is what lets her jump higher and makes her faster. If she concentrates hard enough she can even levitate for a bit and shoot gust of wind at others, but she normally uses it for jumping as levitating take a lot of energy. Shooting wind at people would most likely just push them back a little, or make them stumble, unless they weren't paying attention or ready for it then it could have the chance to knock them over. With it she can only jump 2 feet into the air, but she can use it to wall jump walls that are close together. When levitating she can only go up to 1 foot off the ground. Anything that weighs less than a human can get blown around if she's trying to push someone over, like paper would breeze by while she probably wouldn't be able to move a rock, at least not much.  
    Personality: Her personality depends on a lot of factors, from her location to who's she around and at what time of day it is. If she was at a large party with a lot of royal people she would act out her royal side, taught by her mother. Sweet and innocent and slightly dumb as to let the men seem like they are important while they get drunk and she sits by. If she's in a less royal meeting or place she'll let her smarter side out and take in her partial leader she learned from her dad. When in a place like a ship or where it needs a leader she'll step up and give them one. If needed, she'll fake her death to get away from something and even convince someone of something. If she wants something from someone she'll try to act sweet and harmless, or poke around at whatever makes them open up more. She does like to hang around the bar a lot and drink, which can be bad for her in more than one way. When fighting she has a tenancy to 'fight dirty' unless it is a sword fight.
    Likes/hobbies:  Sword fighting, because it's fun to her and her dad taught her how to.
    Acting, because it strengthens up her acting skills.
    Being in charge. Being a princess and a pirate she's had a lot of time around leaders and leading herself, and she has a liking of it.
    Parkour. With her wind abilities it makes it easier for her to jump from place to place, and is able to jump from higher places and use her wind to slow down before she crashes.
    Even if it's bad for her, Kes likes to drink. This is bad for her if she ends up getting wasted when around someone who could be a potential threat.
    having the upper hand.
    Dislikes: With half of her family being part of a royal family, you'd think she'd like politics. In reality, she hates them. They're boring and long and useless to Kes, and she'd rather not have to deal with it.
    The next thing she dislikes is getting beaten in a fight.
    being caught, being distrusted, not knowing how to act, messing up
    Fears: Korie's first fear is getting found out when she doesn't want to, mostly because this would lead to getting caught. Being a good actress, she can act like someone she's not. She especially fears this when doing this on cops or someone that is actually looking for her.
    Her next fear is losing her weapons. This is mostly because without them she's defenseless, but also, they weren't cheap. She'd have to spend more family money to buy more.
    Parents: Her father was a pirate while her mother was part of a royal family
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: Unknown
    Brothers/sisters: Unknown
    History: Keskorie had grown up in the castle her whole life until she was 7, learning about how to be like a princess and act like the lady she was supposed to be. Her dad would occasionally visit, starting it off good with hugs for her mom and herself, but it almost always ended in some sort of argument. Kes hated that she had to act like royalty, learning posture and how to act like everyone wanted her to. Politics bored her and meetings were even more so. She looked forwards to the days she'd get to spend with her dad, learning to sword fight and shoot. When she was 7, she got sent off with her day for 7 whole years. No more princess duties, just life on the sea. Her fighting skills with her swords and pistols skyrocketed, although her mother disagreed, as a queen was meant to be defenseless and dainty.

    After she was allowed to leave the castle Kes eagerly went out to get away from all of her duties.
    RP paragraph: Aero

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    Re: Keskorie, the Actress

    Post by Griffin on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:36 pm

    (Haha Yu Yu, I stole your staaamp.. <3)

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    Re: Keskorie, the Actress

    Post by Lexia on Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:04 pm


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    Re: Keskorie, the Actress

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