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    Remembering the Dead ((Open to All))[Random]


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    Remembering the Dead ((Open to All))[Random]

    Post by Sheogorath on Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:50 pm

    ((This is a roleplay when you get to roleplay as your character's dead family member or friend as a spirit in purgatory. You don't need a new account, this is only temporary :3 Pretty much the spirits watching over your character(s).))

    Lily, mother of Aiko and ex-wife of Cicero, took a stroll with Jessabelle (Nightingale's mother) in Purgatory, the place between Heaven and Hell. This place was on a pale gold beach, and Lily relished the salty taste of fish in the breeze that was carried from the ocean. The Neko stopped in her tracks to overlook the sea. Her bright gold hair flowed behind her in the breeze, and Jessa halted beside her. The two both looked at the crashing azure waves. "I swear, Purgatory is just like the thriving world, but it has no people," Lily said grumpily, then continued to stomp off, kicking up sand behind her as she went. It was only a few moments before her friend followed. There, they walked side-by-side in grudging silence, and they both knew they were thinking the same thing: the family they left behind. Jessabelle had Nightingale but died after she was born, whilst Lily suffered the same fate. After having Aiko with Cicero, she had passed away because of sickness. Now the Neko had to watch her ex-husband neglect her daughter from above. Shameul. Gojira is a better father than Cicero will ever be.

    No wonder Jessabelle and Lily were friends.


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