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    Meeting New People


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    Meeting New People

    Post by Jaks on Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:17 pm

    First part is chat rp, join on in if ye want! Just read all the stuff.
    [18:56:55 05/12/2015] * Asriel walked alone on a path in the middle of a large feild. He stopped to pick up what appeared to be a beautiful, golden, flower.
    [18:58:56 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath is at a picnic in the middle of the field. He sat on a red checkered cloth, and he sighed, "I hate indecision! Or maybe I don't..." He groaned, and looked in his basket of food. "MOZERELLA OR PEPPERJACK" Sad
    [18:59:19 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath tries to choose what cheese to eat...
    [18:59:34 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic was walking in a nearby forest when she stopped to looking out into the meadow. Tail flicking she saw what appeared to be a goat, or a kid. But, watching it closely it didn't seems to act like a normal one would. Walking out into the clearing she waited until it caught sight of her, wondering what it would do about it. She ignored what seemed to be a human nearby, interested in the little kid.
    [19:00:15 05/12/2015] * Asriel jumped at the hearing of somebody shouting. "AHHH!" He screamed as he dove down for cover.
    [19:01:21 05/12/2015] * Asriel peeks out to see a dragon, it looked like one of the monsters from his world, so he began to crawl towards it.
    [19:01:35 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath jumps up as he hears a scream. "ERMAHGURD ITS LE APOCALYPSE. GET THE CHEESE AND RUN!! DITCH THE WIVES AND CHILDREN"
    [19:01:58 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath runs off with a piece of cheese, screaming
    [19:02:09 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic watched as the kid screamed, sitting down now slightly unamused. She licked a paw and looked over at the person. She raised a brow at his insanity, not noticing the goat.
    [19:02:29 05/12/2015] * Asriel covers his ears and stops crawling when he hears the voice again. He throws a rock at it to try to make it stop, with no intent of harm.
    [19:03:42 05/12/2015] * Asriel then crals so close to the large dragon that he could reach out and touch it's large paw. "Howdy!" He whispers.
    [19:04:01 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath stops as a rock lightly thuds against his foot. "Everyone... stahp... The rock is scared" :0
    [19:05:41 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic felt something touch her and jerked back, before looking down and seeing the kid. It definitely wasn't a goat, by the way it walked, acted, or talked. Her tail flicked before her before she responded. "Hello."
    [19:06:23 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath steps around the rock as if it were fragile, and wanders back over to his picnic area as if nothing had happened. He began to num on some cheese as he watched the dragon (whom reminded him of Peryite) and the child.
    [19:07:14 05/12/2015] * Asriel looked up at the dragon. "That man scares me. Can you tell him to stop?" He asks what he believes to be one of his species.
    [19:08:35 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic gave an amused snort before looking over to the man. "Hey you, can you please stop scaring the children?" She asked teasingly.
    [19:08:59 05/12/2015] * Asriel hugs Areo's leg.
    [19:09:21 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath derp faces. "If you give meh cheese."
    [19:09:48 05/12/2015] * Asriel tilts his head. "What's cheese?"
    [19:09:51 05/12/2015] * Minea walked out of the forest to see a goat, dragon, and a human. She sighed as she really didn't want to interact with them, but her current situation foced her to. She walked up to the group and tryied to make them aware of her. "Ummm...hello."
    [19:10:00 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic glances down at the goat as he hugged her leg before looking back at him. "You're already eating cheese."
    [19:10:48 05/12/2015] * Asriel begins to hide behind the Dragon's leg,who seems comforting to him for some reason.
    [19:11:06 05/12/2015] * Minea temper got the better of her as she sreamed, "WILL YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT CHEESE! I'M TRYING TO TALK TO YOU HERE!"
    [19:11:31 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath gasps. "Child! Cheese is love, cheese is life!" :0 "As for the Peryite being, you can never have enough cheese." He then looks at Minea, amused.
    [19:11:33 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic glanced over at the new person. "Maybe no one cares about you."
    [19:11:41 05/12/2015] Sheogorath : Sup, Blondie.
    [19:11:47 05/12/2015] * Asriel perks up his head and turns over to see minea. "AHH!" He cries. "She's scary tooo!"
    [19:12:35 05/12/2015] Asriel : This is all weird....
    [19:12:46 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic looked at the two. "Maybe stop screaming, it scares the goat."
    [19:13:09 05/12/2015] * Asriel looks up with slight tears in his eyes
    [19:14:09 05/12/2015] * Minea turns to the goat child. "Yah I'm scary, and if you don't lisen to me I'm gonna tear your head off your little body!" She turned to the dragon and says menicingly. "If you don't care about me then I can surly change that."
    [19:14:11 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath 's heart breaks as he realizes the child had begun to cry. He had a sensitive spot for the little ones. He shuts up, then stands. He walks over to the child and hands him a piece of cheese.
    [19:14:57 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath looks at Minea. "Headstrong," he observed quietly.
    [19:15:07 05/12/2015] * Asriel cringes at what Minea says and cries more. He then notices the chees he is offered and pokes out to try some.
    [19:15:12 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic eyes the person as he walks over to them, then back at Minea. "Please, I've had enough threats with humans like you."
    [19:15:43 05/12/2015] * Asriel thinks the cheese is decent.
    [19:18:06 05/12/2015] * Quindaro sips at his coffee as he rests himself on the edge of his roof
    [19:19:15 05/12/2015] * Minea laughs at Aero's comment. "Humans like me? I'm not like those humans your talking about. I happen to be in a very special and one of a kid situation, so don't go grouping me with them."
    [19:21:13 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : All small bipedal beings are the same to me, human.
    [19:21:44 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath narrows his eyes, but says nothing. "Headstrong, are ya? You may be fit to be a Champion of mine," he spoke to Minea.
    [19:44:37 05/12/2015] * Asriel cowards behind Areo's leg as he notices that the hmans and the fellow monster are beginning to fight each other.
    [19:48:03 05/12/2015] Minea : Minea turned to Sheo. "I will be no compainion of yours. I work alone, because if you can't tell I can't stand idots like all of you!"
    [19:48:50 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic let out a low growl, tail swishing in annoyance. "Who's to say we're the idiots?"
    [19:49:16 05/12/2015] * Asriel dropped to his knees and asked Minea "Why are you so mean?" He continued crying since these strange people scared and offended him.
    [19:49:58 05/12/2015] * Sheogorath 's eyes turn from pupiless white to cat-like. "Shut it, mortal! Before I change my mind- or before my mind changes me."
    [19:52:05 05/12/2015] * Minea crosses her anrs and replies to Sheo. "I'm not a mortal for your information. I did say that i was in a special situation erlier did I not?"
    [19:52:07 05/12/2015] Sheogorath :
    [19:52:37 05/12/2015] Sheogorath : Yeah, you did. But I am too lazy to acknowledge such things.
    [20:02:13 05/12/2015] * Asriel looked at her. "Well maybe I would respond more often if I wasn't in a completly forgein world! Maybe if you weren;t so mean more people would like you! Go be nice!"
    [20:09:10 05/12/2015] * Asriel bursts into tears. "Then go away.." He hides back behinds Areo's legs.
    [20:10:22 05/12/2015] * Minea "I'm not going away. I came here to talk to you against my wishes for a reason."
    [20:11:05 05/12/2015] * Asriel doesn't respond. He doesn't want to talk.
    [20:19:01 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic just watch the scene, not reacting when the goat hid behind her legs again. "If you wanted to talk, then talk." She said with a slight growl
    [20:31:15 05/12/2015] * Asriel looks up are areo. "Can I call you Mom?"
    [20:32:18 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic looks down at the goat, confused. "But I'm not your mom..."
    [20:33:42 05/12/2015] * Asriel looks down. "Well, I really like you.."
    [20:34:50 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : But, I'm nothing like you. What if I accidently step on you?
    [20:35:53 05/12/2015] * Minea facepalms.
    [20:35:56 05/12/2015] Asriel : What do you mean? We are the exact same species, we are monsters.
    [20:36:18 05/12/2015] Asriel : Right?
    [20:36:53 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : Monsters? But even a mutt of a monster still has a species.
    [20:37:25 05/12/2015] Asriel : Hmmm, we all live together though.
    [20:38:13 05/12/2015] * Yuuki steps out of nowhere and goes to wherever the heck they are.
    [20:38:17 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : Because there's only one world where we can.
    [20:39:53 05/12/2015] * Yuuki steps out of nowhere still and goes to the meadow
    [20:39:59 05/12/2015] Asriel : Well, I wanna be with you...
    [20:40:06 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : A goat, a human, and a dragon.
    [20:40:11 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Strange gathering, don't you think?
    [20:40:22 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : What is this, a family reunion?
    [20:42:40 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic just looked at Yuuki before back at the goat. "Couldn't you find someone else?"
    [20:43:30 05/12/2015] Asriel : Well, nobody else here I can really relate to that much... and I fear getting to attachted to humans again...
    [20:43:53 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : Fear? What did the evil humans do to you?
    [20:44:08 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic glanced at Yuuki and gave her a smirk o3o
    [20:45:33 05/12/2015] Asriel : It's nothing like that, it's just that I had a best friend who was a human, like a sister, until she got ill and died. Her final wish was to see the golden flowers in her village...
    [20:50:39 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic frowned. This little kid had nowhere to go, and probably no family. But what would she even do with it? And, what would Lead think? He already disliked the fact she was acquaintances with a few humans. Then again, the kid wasn't a human. But would it make her look weak? "I'm sorry for your loss."
    [20:52:48 05/12/2015] * Asriel smiles. "It's fine! I just wanna be with you!"
    [20:53:48 05/12/2015] * Minea rollers her eyes at the heart warming scene playign out in front of her. Cute is so annoying, she thinks.
    [20:54:04 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : What if you could stay with me until I find you a better mom?
    [20:56:33 05/12/2015] * Asriel jumps up and down then hugs her leg. "Thank you thank you thank you!"
    [20:57:39 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic gave a nervous chuckle. "No problem..."
    [20:59:03 05/12/2015] * Asriel makes a slight purring sound then rubs up against the dragon's leg.
    [20:59:55 05/12/2015] * Yuuki chuckles. "The mighty Areo, adopting a child?"
    [21:00:29 05/12/2015] * Asriel turns her head over to Yuuki. "Is this your friend?"
    [21:00:41 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Not friends, per say
    [21:00:50 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : More of.. acquaintances.
    [21:01:12 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic turned to Yuuki, narrowing her eyes. "I'm not adopting him. I'm just helping him out."
    [21:02:26 05/12/2015] * Asriel nods. "Ok... Where are we gonna go Mom?" He wagged his little tail happily.
    [21:02:56 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : And that contradicts everything.
    [21:03:57 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : Didn't your 'ever so mighty' Godzillia adopt a little child.
    [21:04:10 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Yeah.
    [21:04:20 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : But that was to be expected, since he was already wanting a kid since I met him.
    [21:04:28 05/12/2015] * Asriel runs up to Yuuki. "Hey, you should be human Dad!"
    [21:05:07 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic flicked her tail before watching Asriel and giving an amused snort/laugh.
    [21:05:18 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Excuse me?
    [21:05:30 05/12/2015] Minea : I FINALLY MADE A SIGNATURE!
    [21:05:36 05/12/2015] Minea : nOW i HAVE TO GO!
    [21:06:16 05/12/2015] * Asriel tries quickly to reassure Yuuki. "Your only Human Dadbecause I can't call two people Mom! No worries!"
    [21:08:12 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : And why am I your mom now?
    [21:09:35 05/12/2015] * Asriel laughs then looks up at her."Because your Areo's Girlfriend! You two are married!" He says before he goes out to frolic in the flowers.
    [21:10:56 05/12/2015] * Yuuki cast a side glance at Areo, raising an eyebrow. "Really, what have you been teaching this kid?"
    [21:11:48 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic just had a face like .-. "I only just met him..."
    [21:12:16 05/12/2015] * Asriel picks two golden flowers, and the gives one to each of the fine ladies.
    [21:13:18 05/12/2015] * Yuuki takes the flower. "Riiight..."
    [21:13:24 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Kid, we're not married.
    [21:13:45 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic just takes the flower.
    [21:13:59 05/12/2015] * Asriel laughs. "Sure you aren't!"
    [21:14:46 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : We don't have a ring
    [21:14:52 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : And two, we're two complete different species
    [21:14:58 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : And I have no interest in dating a dragon.
    [21:15:06 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Or dating anyone, as a matter of fact
    [21:15:09 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : My team comes first.
    [21:15:21 05/12/2015] Asriel : Yeah, but Chara used to hit on mom all the time!
    [21:15:27 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Chara?
    [21:15:38 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic tilted her head at the goat
    [21:15:55 05/12/2015] Asriel : My sister! A human!
    [21:17:25 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : And who was this 'mom?'
    [21:17:35 05/12/2015] * Asriel grabs Yuuki's hand and then drags her next to areo.
    [21:17:45 05/12/2015] Asriel : Hmm, Mom was the mom!
    [21:18:14 05/12/2015] * Yuuki stares blankly at Asriel.
    [21:18:54 05/12/2015] * Asriel hugs them both then smiles.
    [21:19:39 05/12/2015] * Yuuki just stares blankly even more.
    [21:19:40 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic just pats Asriel with her tail
    [21:19:55 05/12/2015] * Asriel purrs
    [21:20:13 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : So, why am I even here?
    [21:20:14 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : So... What's your name? I never got it...
    [21:20:38 05/12/2015] Asriel : Me? I'm Asriel! Who are you two?
    [21:21:26 05/12/2015] @ Areo Dynamic : I'm Aero Dynamic...
    [21:22:11 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Why should I tell you?
    [21:23:05 05/12/2015] Asriel : I thought we were friends...
    [21:23:20 05/12/2015] * Asriel looks down sadly at Yuuki's response.
    [21:23:30 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : *sighs*
    [21:23:34 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : I'm Yuuki.
    [21:23:42 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : It's..... nice to meet you.
    [21:24:39 05/12/2015] * Asriel jumps up and down.
    [21:25:01 05/12/2015] Asriel : Yay! It's nice to meet you too!
    [21:26:50 05/12/2015] * Areo Dynamic wonders if she can find him a new mother soon...
    [21:27:12 05/12/2015] * Yuuki just sighs
    [21:27:16 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Right...
    [21:27:25 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Well, I won't be able to stay with you guys long.
    [21:27:31 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : I have my own home and team, you know.
    [21:27:42 05/12/2015] Asriel : Awww, ok Dad..
    [21:29:11 05/12/2015] @ Yuuki : Stop calling me dad.
    [21:29:44 05/12/2015] Asriel : Oh, sorry Yuuki..

    Might be a little confusing, but just try to understand I guess :I

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