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    Rythian, The Pursuer


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    Rythian, The Pursuer Empty Rythian, The Pursuer

    Post by Rythian on Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:50 pm

    Personal Info:
    Rythian, The Pursuer HtFAfOg
    Name: Samuel Frost.
    (Last name is a German nickname for a person who is cold-hearted in nature.)
    Nickname: Rythian.
    Age: 22.
    Gender: Male.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Species: Human.
    Alignment: Neutral.
    Clan: N/A.
    Rank: N/A.
    Height: 5'7.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Skin. Caucasian.
    Eyes: Vibrant green.
    Looks: Chocolate brown hair. Minor burn on the side of his face and arm. These burns causes him great discomfort. Wears a black trenchcoat that lacks sleeves, made of silk, silver rims. His limbs are wrapped up tightly in black cloth. He wears a helmet, hood and armor on his shoulders.
    Hobbies/skills: Rythian is abnormally gifted with knives and daggers. Many years of military training has improved this.
    Strengths: Rythian is quick, light on his feet and well balanced. He also has a mental advantage. His ability to strategize while in combat has won him countless victories.
    Weaknesses: Rythian wears very little armor, meaning he is especially vulnerable. (Don't know what else to add without making him weaker than Arik x3).

    Rythian's Tanto:
    Rythian, The Pursuer One_Piece_Anime_Tanto_Sandai_Kitetsu_Katana__Roronoa_Zoro_Short_Sword_Replica_1
    A fancy, military-issue tanto. Fitted with a brass collar and guard, a red braid and black rayskin. Unique runes are carved into the blade ridge. It is clearly worn but is deadly nonetheless.

    Throwing knives:
    Rythian, The Pursuer Fantasy_3_Pc_Throwing_Knife_Set_RC086-3
    A set of black bladed kunai throwing knives. Kept in a holster around Rythian's upper leg.

    Special abilities:
    Rythian can enter another living beings mind and speak to them telepathically. However, if used too frequently, he gets a terrible headache and may have to rest until his energy is replenished.
    Attacks: N/A.
    Combat style: Niinjaaaaa.
    Personality: Rythian is definitely not the most colorful or talkative person. He only socializes when he deems necessary and will usually ignore those who attempt to start a conversation. He is very insecure and never uses his real name so instead he goes by Rythian. Rythian prefers not to get involved in conflict and will turn down challenges. However, pester him enough and you might find yourself in the midst of a full-on death battle. Rythian, quite frankly, hates life and most of the things about it. To cope with this Rythian drinks.... a lot... His binge drinking has gotten him in trouble more than once. Rythian despises the concept of murder, however, if you have a big enough bounty over your head he'll gladly decapitate you for it.
    Likes: Watching from the sidelines, getting drunk, sleeping, money.
    Dislikes: Fighting, people, crowds, his job, Oak Hollow.
    Fears: Oak Hollow.
    Parents: Deceased.
    Mate: N/A.
    Relative: N/A.
    Brothers/sisters: N/A.
    RP paragraph: This is One >:I

    Last edited by Rythian on Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:29 pm; edited 3 times in total

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    Rythian, The Pursuer Empty Re: Rythian, The Pursuer

    Post by Akreious on Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:17 pm

    Alright uh a few things. "Cutting through the hardest known substance" uhh... Wait what?! Is this jus Ta more OP version of One?!

    Specials: telekinesis: Allows him to enter someone's mind and drive them insane.
    .... Okay just why? This is just a more OP version of another Mind-F*ck ability we already have.

    Weakness: little armor, daggers only cut so much flesh
    .... That changes how that he, rarely misses his hits, is extremely fast, able to mind f*ck people, has a super sword able to cut through ANYTHING!

    Im sorry but the way I see this, it's a more OP version of One. Without the teleporting and more... Mind f*cking.

    Please add more weaknesses or add limits to your abilities/strengths. We've literally just had a talk about letting new OP characters in, because this... Is just too powerful to start out with. Sure you can grow to gain this strength but Ariko didn't start a Super Saiyan Nor Godzilla start as Super Godzilla.

    Edit: or try and get an exception from Yuuki or Areo. That path works too. Because... Plot.


    Rythian, The Pursuer 20140111183354

    "True freedom isn't achieved by force, or strength. It is earned when someone unites all in unity! I shall be the one to see it through with kindness and hope!"

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    Rythian, The Pursuer Empty Re: Rythian, The Pursuer

    Post by Griffin on Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:07 am

    *Nuclear facepalmage*

    One teleports.
    One has a plasma katana that cuts through the hardest substance.
    One can become completely invisible.
    One is made of fucking metal.
    The only way to kill One is by ripping out his core and crushing it.

    One is the more op one if you ask me.

    But the mind fuck stuff can be taken out since I didn't want to leave that space empty and wasn't creative enough.

    Also. I didn't say EVERYTHING. I said the hardest KNOWN substance. WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIT LIKE UNOBTANIUM.

    I don't fucking think I could give him anymore weaknesses without making him fodder. The only protected part of him is his head and shoulders. STAB STAB SHOOT SHOOT. If it hits him he's done for. I HAD to make him light on his feet otherwise he'd be dead within moments of entering a fight with anyone.

    You know what? WHY DON'T I GIVE HIM ALLLLL THE WEAKNESSES!!! WOULD THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY?! WOULD THAT MAKE YOU FUCKING HAPPY?! Apparently, no matter what I do, you always have something to bitch about. God damn I hate you with a passion.

    I need to stop. It's late as shit and I got a headache.
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    Rythian, The Pursuer Empty Re: Rythian, The Pursuer

    Post by Yuuki on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:41 am

    Whoa whoa whoa, people. Akre, One, calm down. He's actually NOT really more OP than One. One doesn't even have a brain so how can Rythian even get into his mind?

    I see nothing wrong with him, except for this:

    @Rythian wrote:Looks: Chocolate brown hair.

    Ok, I can see that you wrote everything else down in the extra part, but can you please elaborate on your looks? Like, body shape, any other extra body attachment stuff (ok that sounded weird), etc.?

    You can keep the telekinesis part; Vymera can drive people insane with her voice, so why not? I trust that you won't overdo it though, right? But will you be able to get into the minds of people with very powerful wills? Or can you get into everybody's mind?


    Rythian, The Pursuer Y4mEKWm

    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

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    Rythian, The Pursuer Empty Re: Rythian, The Pursuer

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:42 pm

    Rythian, The Pursuer Areo_d10


    Rythian, The Pursuer 6473750
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