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    Post by Vymera on Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:55 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Vymera Syren
    Nickname: Siren
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Angel
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Height: 5’9”
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Skin
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Silver
    Looks: Siren has rather pale skin, silver long and flowing hair to her waist. Her almond eyes were blue and sharp, as much as the flower headdress she somewhat always adorns on her. However her eyes and flower could change with the music she sings. She is naturally sleek in appearance, and wears a very innocent and broken expression on her face. If anyone knew any better, this was merely a mask to hide her sadistic nature. Siren also has two silver feathered wings, both wrapped up in bandages. It was unknown why they were still there, but there was speculation that she was a patient at some point in her life.
    Vymera (Siren) Syren 6tjomr


    Singing/Music composing

    Siren is entirely dedicated towards music, and almost all forms of music can entice her. Though she would try not to even hum the music before her powers get the better of her. However, her taste when singing and composing different music can be said to be rather unusual. Sometimes she would sing high notes like she was in an opera, other calm and gentle vocals like her voice was only there to strengthen the song. If anyone tried to write down her lyrics, they would get nothing more than a huge scribble of meshed up letters of the alphabet. As such, Siren’s songs are in lyrics that are completely made up to her—completely meaningless—yet were able to cause quite an effect on anyone who hears them.

    Although she enjoys singing, she had little choice than to lock herself in a quiet room where no one can hear her sing. If any passerby is unfortunate enough to stumble upon her, they would be left as a puddle of blood at the end of the song. Siren is very fluent with her own songs and, if anyone can resist the nature of them, can be dubbed as one of the most influential ones ever.


    Siren loves dancing to any forms of music, even her own. It helps her to think and concentrate. Her love for music meant she would even sway and dance to even the most gentle of hums. In fact, she couldn’t dance without reliance on music. If her music fails to capture her audience, then her dance, reflected upon her music, would.

    Siren was also able to combine her dances with swordplay. Her weapons aside from her voice and musical instruments were two thin but durable blades, both with wings around the guard. With the two, she was able to make either swift sword swings, capable of slicing enemies and quickly sheathing her blades within a blink, or powerful strikes that could cut through trees with ease. Even then, Siren never possessed any physical strengths. It was all in the music she sings.

    Because of her split personalities, she is very unstable and can change behaviours without warning. Aside from this, Siren actually had tremendous mental strength, part of that being creative with the many different music she sings. Although it’s unknown how she remembers them, as she doesn’t write scores for the countless number of them. However, she does sing some songs more than once, even if they were years apart. She wouldn’t be able to answer how she remembers them, though it was mostly what comes to her mind.


    -Listening to the music

    Siren’s abilities revolve mostly on if her foes can hear her voice or not. So anything blocking their ears or rupturing their eardrums would prevent them from succumbing to her music. Rupturing the eardrums is more effective as blocking the ears wouldn’t work against Siren’s Crescendo or Climax. Additionally, Siren's voice or music does not affect robots.


    Siren's voice has very pitiful range, topping at 30 metres at enclosed spaces and 15 metres in open spaces. However, this does not affect her energy projectiles, as she can shoot them beyond her voice range (up to 60 metres).


    Although unlikely, catching Siren offguard may force her to end her song abruptly and lose all the effect she had already built on the arena or on others.

    -Go with the Flow

    Not necessarily a weakness, but if no one wants to destroy their eardrums, they may need to attack in sync with Siren’s music. I.e. If she sings slow and calm, go slow and calmly, if she hits Crescendo, go all out. Note that Siren is aware of this weakness and would try and trick her foes into fighting out-of-sync with sharp changes in her voice or rhythm.

    Special Abilities:

    Siren’s Voice

    Siren’s most lethal weapon is her voice in combination with her imagination. Anyone who hears her voice would be enticed by her, and as she sings, she pulls them like puppets, and in the end of her song she kills. Her song always induces Synaesthesia into those who hear her, making the world seemingly change colour to reflect the mood of the song, or cause them to express certain emotions. The effect of this would eliminate any enhancements or buffs characters had made when they hear her song.  It was said that the longer they hear her song, the more they would fall under her magic. Even to the point that they would unconsciously move some parts of their body to her will (until they realise they are moving that limb without them knowing). All in all, if all those who hear her music stood idly, she could easily put them into a semi-trance and force their bodies to dance with her music, moving slow and elegantly or fast and deadly depending on her music. If anyone tried to break the sync and, say, charge at her while she was singing a calming song, the soundwaves would rip and cut their skin like they were passing through a storm of glass shards. Anyone wearing strong armour would not be affected by this. Breaking the tempo with the song will also cause the soundwaves already within the character's eardrums to emit an earpiercing ring, deafening them momentarily (1 post) as well as dazing them to the point of confusion and seeing the world as a wavering blur.

    However, her singing and dancing isn’t limited to what her foes hear. Additionally, she can use her voice to conjure energy blasts from thin air, from a few to huge waves of them, and manipulate her surroundings, forcing nature to fight alongside her. Numbers, strength and speed are all dependent on the tempo of her music. The worst she can do is conjure a wave of 20 orbs each with enough force to break bones and travelling at 160km/h. Normally she would not use this aspect of her voice, resorting to it if her opponent knows how to counter her primary manipulation aspect of her voice. Her voice can also give her huge boosts in speed and physical strength (up to 10x), though never both in the same time. What’s more, Siren can never sing to manipulate her foes or control her surroundings at the same time. 2 songs usually don’t mix.

    Music Mime

    Siren can mime any sorts of instruments and their music and tones become reality. She can also imagine her own instrument, like some sort of board before her and, with taps of her fingers against the air, create all sorts of tones. Siren can use this to manipulate her surroundings as well, as well as manifesting her energy into the music to create more energy orbs to blast enemies with, or to create a shield around her that can protect her from other dangerous attacks. Though this still relies on the tempo of the music. The greater the tempo, the stronger her use of energy, up to the Crescendo or Climax.

    Though she may appear the innocent flower, she is the snake under it.

    Siren may act the part where she was calm, soft and fragile. An innocent and broken angel who needed friends and reassurance. However, that was only the eggshell of what really lurks inside her. Siren is a sadistic psychopath with a lust for blood, and she uses nothing else than her own luring voice to bring potential victims towards her. But not before she would ‘play’ with them a lot longer to satisfy her boredom, breaking and tormenting her victims until she found no further use in them. Siren had little remorse for what she was doing, and even used such tactic to fulfil her needs, among theft and assassination.

    However, she did have a soft side. Siren suffered from a split personality disorder, where one side she was a murderer, and the other a gentle being who couldn’t say anything more than a few grunts or hums. This side of her personality was very curious about the world and she may even open up to strangers. Yet, her sadistic personality may show up out of nowhere. It should be noted that the different sides of her are in sync with one another, so they could choose when to let the other personality take over. Therefore, if anyone were to open up to her, they need to be careful not to stress her or else.

    -Collecting gems and other shiny objects – she likes to make certain comparisons with them.
    -Listening to music
    -‘Playing’ with her newly found friends
    -Blood bathing

    -Being alone


    Becoming mute
    Her voice is literally the only thing that holds her connection towards the world. Losing her voice is like losing her own identity.

    Being alone
    Just couldn’t stand it. Related to her upbringing and her worry over eternal silence, as it reminds her of monsters that stalk their prey.

    Parents: Deceased
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A


    Little is known about Siren. The wings she had could mean she was an angel who fell onto the Beyond. Others believe that she was an escaped subject to some experiment. Vymera wasn’t a name given to her by her parents, if she had any, but a name given to her by the person who first found her.

    Siren had a split personality disorder, switching from the quiet but ever curious, to the cold and sadistic nature of herself. It was unknown how she obtained her voice, though it could have been she was born with such a voice. But because of its nature, Vymera didn’t have a lot of friends who were alive today. With little purpose left in her, Vymera sought to exploit what she was good at: music. Her music was described as enigmatic, mysterious and enchanting, completely different from how others perceived the art, but unfortunately her music was also described as having no meaning. Although she sings in another language, no one knew the language—not even Vymera. This could have been a reflection to how she perceived herself. Praised for meaninglessness.

    As of now, she still searched for meaning and purpose in her life, trying to find those who could resist the temptations of her voice. But countless fruitless searches and losses of those close to her had driven her into insanity, and she succumbed to the belief that she was a bloodthirsty monster.

    Her voice was beautiful, luring and deadly. If she even hummed, a nearby ordinary human could be ripped to pieces in a matter of seconds, leaving absolutely nothing but a blood pool with bits of entrails floating around. At one point, she participated as a singer in an opera for the upper class without any further intent than to rob them of their wealth and killing them before they find out. Before she could finish a verse, no one could survive her voice, and just as she had their minds in her grip, she would break them with her Crescendo.

    It was unknown what was within her voice that could kill. A theory from the Mental Asylum of the Unstable and Dangerous, was the how the sound waves were created to cause a huge mess within the minds of those who heard her. The result of those sound waves would affect their nerves, including their optic nerves to stimulate the feeling of Synaesthesia, and make them feel different emotions depending on the song. Because ordinary humans without magical talents were weaker, Vymera could quickly ensnare their minds completely, and their bodies couldn’t withstand the power from her Crescendos as they would break down and burst beyond identification.

    Even if she spoke one word, the soundwaves of her voice could still cause havoc inside any normal being, leaving them with at least bleeding noses or seizures. Prolonged exposure could result in dizziness, nausea or even organ failure and heart attack if she ever stopped speaking. The problem with her voice was that if she ever stopped singing, those who heard her would have their bodies go into a painful ‘recovery’ phase. This was all at least on an ordinary human being. Or so the theory went.

    Vymera was born in the same mental asylum. Her parents were unknown and she escaped the asylum at the age of 8, turning the entire facility into a deserted bloodbath. Since then, she wandered the streets of the cities, having no control or realisation of her powers until she had left an entire quarter of a city deserted and coloured red. In order to survive, she went into hiding, finding anyone who walked by her alone, and luring them in with her voice, killing them but also stealing their possessions to make ends meet. Vymera also stole multiple identities from those who looked alike her, though she could freely change her eye colour. She disguised herself as a singer and was responsible for the massacre of bars, clubs and stage performances.
    RP paragraph: Sly.

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    Quit winin'.

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