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    Post by Bermuda on Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:29 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Trinyah Winter
    Nickname: Trinyah, Trin by her friends
    Age: 14(145 in human years)
    Gender: Female :3
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Auroran Ice Dragon
    Alignment: Neutral/Chaotic Good
    Clan: Rogue (May join Draconia)
    Rank: N/A
    Height: She is only about 7 feet tall, being small even by her species standards.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Her scales are a variety of different icy colors. Her head and back, for example, are a beautiful white, that blends perfectly into the snow. Her underbelly and tail, however, are a light gray, helping her blend into the darker snow of blizzards. The scales on her wings are a beautiful icy blue color, and when reflected in the light can cause a beautiful and sudden display of rainbow-like color. As for the texture itself, her scales have a crystal like appearance, rough if brushed the wrong way, but smooth if brushed the right.
    Eyes: Icy blue
    Looks:  Like most of her race, the Aurora Ice Dragons, Trinyah possesses a regally magnificent appearance, from her crystal-like skin to her youthful glint. She has a small snout, that she uses mainly to deal sharp, painful bites to her prey. But even though she has a short snout, her fangs are extremely powerful, strong enough to cut through sinew. Her neck is also short, rather then the usual long neck of the Aurora Ice Dragon. Her eyes are positioned so that she always looks either curious or shy, depending on her mood, and she can look quite ferocious if she wants to be. Her legs are strong and able, capable of keeping up a gallop of at least eighty miles per hour for at least a minute before getting remotely tired. This strength is due to the fact she has been running for her life ever since her father was killed. Her whole body is a beautiful arrangement of white and gray and even a little icy blue under her wings, which allow her disappear almost effortlessly into the snow. But possibly her most noticeable feature is the crystal spikes that dot her back. The spikes are as hard as stone, and neigh impossible to break off. They start at the end of her neck and run down to the end of her tail. The most beautiful of these spikes is possibly the two large crystals in between her large wings, which have a twenty-foot wingspan. These crystals have no real purpose except beauty. Trinyah's claws are about half a foot long, and the color of polished ivory. They are also pretty deadly.
    Extra: Nah bae
    Hobbies/skills: Trinyah is very skilled at making friends, and doing basically anything that would involve cold weather. She doesn't really have any hobbies, unless you consider community service a hobby, of which she does lots.
    Strengths:  Trinyah loves the snow, and with good reason, too. For Trinyah, having snow is basically as important as having a heart, without it, she'd shrivel up and die. At least that's what Trinyah thinks, she doesn't really want to find out what would happen if she lost her heart. When in snow, Trinyah can almost effortlessly disappear, all she needs to do is simply stand still. In fact, in a blizzard, she doesn't even have to crouch and you won't know she's there until you practically bump into her! Trinyah is also a quick thinker, which comes great when she is trying to solve problems and helping other dragons, and especially when she's in a fight with another dragon. All she has to do is see the dragon's weakness and she'll already have ideas running through her head, although most of these ideas involve how to escape rather then fight back. Her agility is also unmatched by any other ice dragon, and she has astonishing aerial abilities. She is lithe enough to duck and twist out of the enemies claws, and even avoid their breath and long-ranged attacks. Even though these skills put together could make up a terrifyingly powerful dragoness, Trinyah uses these abilities to escape the fight rather then win it.
    Weaknesses: Fire is not only extremely terrifying to Trinyah, but it is extremely dangerous as well. Fire can not only break through her ice shields easily, but if exposed to too much heat Trinyah could become dehydrated of cold and die. Like she said before, being without cold is like being without a heart, and Trinyah has only ever once ran into this problem when a fire dragon attacked her father. Trinyah is also slightly absent minded, and gets distracted easily, still having a child-like demeanor. This can lead to complications involving her wanting to help and in serious matters, for she could get distracted and not hear what the dragon she's trying to help is saying. She has, per say, a short attention span. Another weakness Trinyah has is her willingness to become friends, and she practically is best friends with anyone so long as they don't try to kill her. This could lead to dangerous circumstances involving dangerous dragons, though Trinyah knows better then to be friend fire dragons. She can also be easily manipulated into doing things other dragons want her to do, for she thinks she's being helpful to them. This could cause serious problems for both her and her friends. Trinyah's inability to want to fight is also a weakness, meaning a strong enough dragon could overpower her if it was able to catch her first.
    Accessories: She carries a small satchel in which she stores things. Only stores items as big as food and herbs, though.
    Special abilities: Trinyah herself doesn't possess entirely 'unique' abilities, but she did inherit some special abilities from her mother. The first ability is her ice shield. Basically, if surrounded by snow, even if it is just flakes, the snow will attach to her body, forming a layer of thick, neigh impossible to break armor. The more snow around her the thicker the armor is. It can range from less then a quarter of an inch thick to almost three inches. She can control this ice armor to either form a soft layering, or a spiky and intimidating layering. Trinyah also can surround herself with snow, making the temperature around her colder then it should be, making snow appear where she walks, and even freezing water. This means if she's near water she can simply dip herself in a freeze the water around her to make armor, though this takes much longer. She can make this armor for her claws as well. The second ability she inherited from her mother was the ability to make a snowy dummy. This basically conjures an exact replica of herself made out of snow, which evaporates when hit. It can only be conjured near death, and can only take one hit, so it must be timed perfectly in order to avoid death. Trinyah has this ability, but she hasn't ever used it and doesn't know she has it. The third special ability is not inherited. If injured, Trinyah can retreat somewhere snowy and use the snow to heal herself. Or she can use her ice armor, but this will make her armor evaporate in the process.
    Attacks: Most of her attacks will involve shooting ice shurikans at the opponent. And if that doesn't work, she'll use her claws, or run away.
    Combat style: Trinyah relies mainly on her astonishing agility skills to, if forced, fight. It really depends on the opponent she's fighting. If the opponent is large and bulky, she will usually tend to rely on close range attacks, like her sharp fangs and claws. If the enemy is small and agile, she will do one of two things: Try to out agile them, or use breath attacks. Close range battle with a small and agile opponent is usually not a very wise idea.
    Personality:  Kind and warm-hearted, Trinyah is the type of dragoness that is quick to befriend and easy to have a good time with. She will always try to please you, but because she has been known to have a short attention span and is absent minded, she will often cause more displeasure then the opposite. Nonetheless, she is a lovable, peace-loving dragoness with a wild and untamed spirit and an unyielding heart. You could, to an extent, call Trinyah cowardice, since she chooses to flee rather then fight, but she has her reasons, being that she simply cannot stand bloodshed of any kind, be it unnecessary or not. She is also a bit careless, I suppose you could say, and is all but slow to trust. In fact, all you have to do is walk up to her and ask, “can we be friends?” And you'll already have her under your wing. Trinyah also possesses a natural curiosity, that more then often gets her in trouble. If forced to fight, Trinyah can be a fierce and terrifying opponent, but she chooses not to show this side of her. Along with this, despite having 160 years to become mature, Trinyah still holds a somewhat immature and childish nature, but despite all these child-like temperaments, Trinyah can be rather serious if put into a situation that requires concentration and seriousness. Trinyah usually shows caution when near FireWings or other potentially dangerous tribes, and will tend to be serious in these kinds of situations. In conclusion, she is a loyal, quick to trust, kind-hearted dragoness who sees better in love, not fights and war.
    Likes: Snow, ice, the mountains, humans, fun, peace, playing with friends, helping others, relaxing on a nice cold rock or somewhere sheltered, when everyone gets along, flying through the misty air, and avoiding fights.
    Dislikes: Fighting, arguing, racism, bloodshed, fire, fire dragons, not being allowed to help, elders telling her what to do, dragons telling her how to live her life, dragons who think they're better then everybody else.
    Fears:  Fire. Trinyah has a perfectly logical fear of fire. This fear comes from several different things, first off being that her father was killed by a fire dragon, and her mother was killed by humans who used fire. Second is because she is very weak around fire, often making her sweat and pant just to be somewhere above fifty degrees. Trinyah also has an unexplainable fear of the jungle. This is probably caused by the fact her father was killed in a jungle/forest, and because a fire dragon could easily trap her in a place with many trees. Both of these fears she avoids whenever possible.
    Parents: Arcticus(Father), and Ray(Mother). She did, at one point, have an adopted mother, but she vanished. All of them are dead
    Mate: No, mah bae's too young
    Offspring: Still too young
    Relative: Uncles - Grathe, Rive'El, Atrites, Pritaei: All descended.

    Cousins- Gaea (Status unknown)

    Aunt - Britdrem : Descended.

    Grandfather - Aldwin : Descended.

    Grandmother - Moala : Descended.

    Great Grandfathers - Vekkol, Arkatysh : Both Alive.

    Great Great Grandfather - Si'Than : Descended.

    Great Great Grandmother - Aku : Descended.
    Brothers/sisters: Zian(Brother: Descended), Oolaqi(Sister: Descended)
    History: Born into a rogue tribe that was eventually broken up, Trinyah was the daughter of the deputy of the tribe. Her mother was killed when humans invaded the tribe, and her father escaped with his and her life. Trinyah isn't exactly sure what became of her tribe after that, but she would guess that they separated shortly after the humans came. For a year Trinyah and her father lived on an ice floe out on the ocean, then Arcticus, her father, became comfortable with taking her back to the mainland. When she was 7, her father was killed by a fire dragon, but she managed to escape with miner yet painful bruises. She learned to use her powers and hunt on her own, and has been living as a rogue ever since, avoiding the fire dragon territory whenever possible.
    RP paragraph: It was mid afternoon, and the sun was high in the sky, shining its glorious rays down to Earth. Afternoon winds brushed by the face of the white shadowy form of the Ice Dragoness, Trinyah, drifted dangerously close to the Icy Mountains, territory belonging to the IceWings. Even though she could stand her own in a fight against ice dragons, Trinyah didn't want to risk being in a fight. But still, hunger and curiosity were drawing her towards the scent of the Ice Dragons. It would be unlike her to leave her curiosity unchecked.

    Hunger continued to gnaw at her belly, and the white dragoness let out a little growl deep in her throat of frustration. The hunting had been hard lately, and prey had become scarce in the areas unclaimed by big tribes. She had chased a snow elk and lost it, then ran after a white hare, and finally had stalked a mountain goat dangerously close to the border of the IceWings. But now she had lost sight of the tricky  creature.

    She raised her head, the icy winds buffeting her face, but they felt rarely like anything less then normal weather to her. Her nostrils flared as she attempted to pick up the scent of her prey. This was beyond difficult, especially since she was being cautious so close to the IceWing territory. How was she suppose to hunt and avoid at the same time?

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    You may approve this nao :3
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    #Areo wins at da battle o3o


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