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    'The Wolf' (Another terrible title and story)

    Aero Dynamic
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    'The Wolf' (Another terrible title and story)

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:51 pm

    (*A story I wrote in my planner in the 7th grade. Everyone apparently loved it so... here you go.*)

    Map o3o:

    It was a cold night, not as cold as yesterday, not warm like the summers, but becoming it. The wind howled with the wolves of High Rock Pack, as they bickered over territory with the Low Tide Pack. I was in the space where they meet for wolf-to-wolf talks. It's any-wolf's territory, really, the caribou think it's safer here but it's not. I'll come for the kill there, for me it's a lot of meat, about a 10th of the moon cycle. It  is nice here, a good-flowing river and nice, lush, green grass. the trees here are amazing, they reach up to the stars, their branches twisting one way than another. All the squirrels and birds up there, all with nests and young with them. And the trees even give them food, making them stay thinking it's safe there. I'm probably the only wolf who has climbed up any tree. I only get a squirrel or bird or two, then go to the top and look at the stars. I'm as close to them as I'll ever be. I can watch what the High Rock Pack does, as they make a pup a hunter, healer, or scout. As they mourn for the lost of one, or give thanks for a kill. The canopy is comfy and supports my weight, not that it is a lot. I don't really have a name but I've heard wolves call me 'Ghost Wolf' or 'Sky Wolf.' I guess it's fun to scare the wolves that come here, to watch them stamer 'Sky Wolf' then watch them run in fear. I live the good life.

    The night time is great to scare the new scouts as they patrol their first night. The snow is gone so I can't go as Ghost so tonight I shall be Sky. The yearlings are here, and nervous. I jump from my branch and go falling to the ground, then I ho- "Hello there, Sky." Said the she wolf. What the! I showed my teeth and growled, "You better fear me, for I can tear you apart!" The she wolf stared at me, not afraid. Her two partners were whining and shivering with fright, both males. "Look, Sky, you live in no-wolf's territory, never killed a wolf, and climb trees, you can't be that bad." I looked at the she wolf. How does she know this? "I could kill a wolf, starting with you." I showed her my fangs, and their points. She glanced up, then jumped on the branch that I was just on, and tackled me. I snapped at her head but it was out of range. I finally gave up and layed my head on the ground. "Just do it now, and make it quick." I said pitifully. She thought about it for a second then said, "I'm Hazle."
    "Do you want me to know your name before I die? I don't even care!"
    "Over there is Shade and Shadow, Shade is the one with the white underbelly."
    "And I need to know this... Why?"
    She looked at Shade and he nodded at her. "We've came here to take you back to out camp."

    I glared at them as they lead me to the camp of the High Rock Pack. If they treat me bad I can just escape to my paradise. If they treat me like paradise I might stay, but that is a very slim chance. The dens here are warm and comfy. The High Rock Pack is a decent size pack. The biggest pack is Shade Forest Pack with 35 wolves. This pack has 15 and the pack with the least is Flat Plains. They have seven wolves. Luckily, two of their she wolves are pregnant, meaning that they might get to 15 wolve, more or less. The Low Tide has 20 wolves, not to bad for a pack on a beach by a forest, thinner than the Shade Forest's forest but not too bad. Hazle seems satisfied with herself for forcefully taking me to their camp, well Shade seems like he's fine, I can see him shake a bit. Shadow doesn't seem happy, rather like coming to their camp will kill me. I could kill Hazle and escape but attacking her, she's pretty strong herself and Shade and Shadow could team up on me and rip me to shreds, and even if I do escape they can just track me down again. "So, Sky, hows it like out in no-wolves territory?" Is she serious? I stay quiet, not interested in what she has to say or what I have to say. "Did you know Shade and Shadow are littermates?" Still being quiet. "Did you know-" I couldn't take it anymore, "Did you know that if you don't shut your yap I will personally rip you apart?"

    (And so... this story... It's just terrible... And it ends there so... yup...)


    'There are two paths, either go down looking like a fool or defend the thing that you love. It all depends in actions'
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