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    'The Hunt' (Have no clue of why I named it that but let's go!)

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    'The Hunt' (Have no clue of why I named it that but let's go!)

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:56 pm

    (*This was a story I wrote for school, and was supposed to be half a page long... It ended up being 2 pages long XD*)

    This story starts with two friends, One and Sly. No one really knows where they got those names, but it stuck with them. It was a hot summer day in the wild wild west as One and Sly continued on their endless hunt for gold. Their horses were already panting as the duo packed up their camp and continued to head west. They were close to giving up, it had been three months since they left town, but anyone who didn't return with a speck of gold was considered a failure, and that was everyone's worst dream. As they rode they felt like something was off, and their horses did too. Suddenly, the hollow echo sounded through the ground and Sly jumped off his horse to examine it. "One, it would seem as if we found... A temple." Temples, built for the gods and full of riches, maybe their luck was finally turning around. As they entered the temple it was already crumbling from age and weathering. They had left their horses outside, knowing they'd be no use down here. As they continued to go deeper into the unknown for their search of gold they saw something reflecting the light of the torch, gold. Scrambling over to the pile they found more than they were expecting to find, all looking more solid than the bits people have found in rivers. "So I see you have come upon my gold." Said a voice behind them, causing them to turn around with fear. "I'd advise you to leave, unless you'd like to become like them," she said, motioning to a pile of bones. "Who are you and what are you doing down here?" Sly asked, standing up. "Sh, introductions. I am Keskorie, current resident of this wonderful place," she let out a whistle and a dog came running over, "and this is Mal, my wonderful Bernese Mountain Dog. Now, who are you?" She asked, a curious look on her face. Sly hesitated before he answered, "I am Sly, and this is One, and who says you have any rights to this place?" She just gave a smile, a smile that could mean no good. She lunged at them, a sword in one of her hands, but before she could strike Sly jumped out of the way, leaving her running for One, who luckily rolled out of the way before she could stab him. One looked down at the bag of gold he had been collecting while they were talking, it was way more than enough to make millions. But the thing he didn't notice was Keskorie coming up behind him until she kicked the gold away from him. Looking behind her Mal was fighting Sly, and he managed to make Sly almost fall into a pit, but he managed to hang onto the edge. Keskorie smiled and gave a whistle, slowly walking over to where Sly was hanging. "And now, a choice, friend or gold, fame, and glory. A life without having to beg for anything, you could have all that you wanted..." She looked back at One, wondering what he'd choose. One glanced from the gold to Sly, maybe he could get both? Just, grab the gold then quickly run over and help, that's what Sly would do, right? He ashed for the gold, not before hearing the screams of his friend echo throughout the pit. You could still hear the crackle of his bones as he landed. "Sly, no!" he screamed, running over to where the pit was. "Hmm, such an interesting choice. Maybe you just knew you couldn't save him, or just wanted the gold all to yourself. Who knows what you were thinking in your greedy mind." She said with an amused laugh. One couldn't think properly, what had just happened? He could feel his anger boiling up, supported by his grief. He let out a cry and caught her leg, pushing her backwards and into the pit. She let out a scream as she was caught unguarded and began to fall down the dark pit. He picked up his bag of gold and left. It felt like years when he finally reached the town. He hadn't eaten much, and only drank water when he really needed it. Mal, with no place to go, decided to follow, but One payed no attention to him unless he gave him some water. Now, he could have anything he wanted, but was never happy. The one thing money couldn't buy was his friend.


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