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    Minea Empty Minea

    Post by Minea on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:13 am

    Minea My_sty10

    Personal Info:


    Name: Minea

    Nickname: None

    Age: 16,000-ish

    Species: Human-ish




    Clan: None

    Rank: None




    Height: 5ft 5in

    Skin/Fur/Scales, Ex.: Skin, white

    Eye color: Gold

    look: She has long, warm-blonde hair that goes down to the bottom of her back. She wears a black and red zig-zagged tank top with a sleeveless cardigan that is as long as her tank top. She has black skinny jeans, black steel-toed boots with two buckles on them. (One near the top and one closer to her foot.)  She accessories with a golden pocket watch with detailed engravings around the perimeter and five gems.(One in the center and the other four around the middle one.) The golden chain of the pocket watch reaches from her front to her back pocket. To match her pocket watch she wears a golden key shaped locket. (The locket part is a heart.) On her arms she wears black glovelettes that end right above her elbow which look kind of like fish net, but more random and imprecise.

    Extra: She got the pocket watch from her father and her necklace from her friend. (After she lost her mother’s necklace.)




    Hobbies/skills: Swordfighting, walking alone in a dense forest, bickering, brooding, being alone,

    Strengths: Sword Fighting, hunting, pickpocketing, stealing, lying, killing, willpower, physical/mental pain endurance.

    Weakness: Cooking, teamwork, using guns, following instructions, keeping calm, staying out of things.

    Accessories: She always carries and enchanted sword that was made especially for her and some throwing knives, which she carries in a pouch attached to the belt that carries her sword’s sheath.

    Special abilities: She can manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. However she has only figured out how to utilize fire and air with her sword so far. (It’s pretty much like bending from Avatar the last Airbender. She can put her sword on fire. She can also blow a gust of air by slashing her sword. She can use this to increase her mobility and speed, but at the cost of accuracy. She can also use it as a long range cutting attack. When she does use this she can add fire to the attack to make it worse.) She is also immortal. The way her immortality works is that she can and will “die” from anything that a normal person would die from. However she will come back to life and be fully healed/back to normal in 24 hours. She can travel from universe to universe, but she can’t use this ability to get to somewhere in the same universe faster.

    Combat style: She’s a melee fighter. She does have her throwing knives as a backup, but she’s not nearly as good at using those as she is with her sword.




    Personality: She is a very sassy and cold person. She will not hesitate to add her two-sense or to tell people how much she hates them. She gets easily annoyed and finds it hard to find people who she likes. She seems angry all the time and snaps often. She also feels guilty about everything that she’s done, is doing, and will do. On the inside she hates herself and very rarely opens up. She is constantly on the search for some way for her to die.

    Likes: Fighting, Forests, being alone, quiet, a light breeze, sunshine, birds chirping.

    Dislikes: Milk, living, people in general, her current situation, herself

    Fear: Herself, the souls of the people she’s killed, killing a certain person, (I don’t want to go into too much detail, because this will get way too long.) her future, living forever.




    Parents: Dead

    mate: N/A

    Offspring: N/A

    Relative: N/A

    Brothers/sisters: Stillborn little sister


    History: She was a normal high school living a normal life until one day when Korosu killed everyone in her school. She was chosen to live again and seal Korosu’s soul inside her own body to prevent her from hurting anyone else. (Someone else had previously tried to kill her, but they didn’t succeed.) (Also the idea was that Korosu and Minea would die together.) She managed to do this and went on to live a normal life. Eventually, she discovered that she was given immortality and some of the powers that Korosu had possessed. She then spent her days going on adventures in different universes. On one of her adventures Korosu managed to gain control of her body and kill an entire world. The souls she murdered managed to find a demon and curse Minea to get their revenge. She was trapped in an alternate dimension where each of the souls got to individually torture her. Once they had finished, she was spat out in a universe where she met a young boy named Sora. She was in a very bad mental state at the time, but the boy helped her return to sanity. She stayed with him for a while, but he ended up dying in battle. She didn’t accept this and managed to bring him back at the expense of her own life, or at least that was what was supposed to happen. Instead Korosu had somehow managed to replace Minea’s life force with the energy keeping the seal alive. So, Minea managed to live, but the seal was greatly weakened and she could no longer gain access to the universe where Sora lived.


    RP paragraph:

    Minea draws another card from the deck giving her 6 cards in total. It turns out to be a yellow eight, which would be great if she didn’t need a red card. She draw another card, and then another card, and then another card until finally she gets a red card. She places it down on the discard pile and rolls her eyes. “This game is soo stupid and is such a waste of time. How can you consider this to be fun in any kind of way?”

    Her opponent places down a wild card. “Yellow. And you’ll find that it’s a lot more fun when you're winning.”

    Minea gives her opponent an evil glare as she places down her yellow 8. “Even if I was winning I’d still think that this is utterly ridiculous. I don’t know about you, but I have tons of better things to do with my time then play a card game.”

    Her opponent smirks and places down their card. “Sure you do. Oh, and uno.”

    Minea stands up and forcefully slaps her deck on the table. “I swear! It’s like you have this game rigged or something!”

    “Well, I can’t actually win until you finish your turn.” Minea scans her deck for something that could possibly turn the tides, but is forced to settle with a yellow 2. “Now I won,” her opponent says as they place down their final card. “Feel free to complain as much as you like.” Minea replied by making a tsk sound and looks away from the table they were playing at. “If you're not going to complain, then do you want to start another round?”
    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

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    Minea Empty Re: Minea

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:18 pm

    Minea Seal_of_Approval_by_unheard_echo

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