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    A Magnificent Creature ((Aloria, Aiko, & Nightingale))

    Post by Aiko on Wed Nov 11, 2015 8:54 am

    Aiko was bored today. And it perfectly shiny outside! But could she go out and play? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they said! NOOOOOOOOOOOO TOO DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE they said! The Neko rarely got angry, but she was ticked off at the moment. Aiko almost never did anything naughty on purpose, but today Santa Clause can just suck it up. Yes, she was sneaking out.

    Once outside, Aiko instantly sprinted on the beach. Sand was kicked up behind her as she ran, and she let her shoes slide off her feet. Now, this was carefree. The wind streaming through her hair, as if it were a cascade of golden waters. With all this freedom, Aiko felt as if she could live forever. She had run a long way down the beach; if any DS members came out to look for her, they wouldn't be able to spot her. She wouldn't even be a dot upon the horizon. All that was ahead of Aiko was pale yellow sand, with polkadots of colors amongst it that were colorful seashells. She was alone... At least, that is what she thought.

    ((Sorry for crappy post xD))

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