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    The Basics

    Post by Griffin on Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:24 pm

    Oak Hollow:

    Oak Hollow was originally founded in the year 467 by a mysterious organization to serve as a refuge for those who sought to escape the perils of the outside world. Giant walls, approximately 80 meters high, were built to seclude the city from trouble-making thugs and hostile creatures. The only way in and out was a heavily guarded door. As time passed, the city became more and more so crowded, and thus the council refused any more outsiders.

    In the year 608, the gates of Oak Hollow were opened once again, this time baring evolutionary advances in technology that soon influenced the rest of the world. As expected, they flocked to Oak Hollow like flies on a corpse. They believed that they had been met with a miracle. However, none of them, not a single person, was ready for the much grimmer fate that awaited them beyond those walls.

    Oak Hollow was plunged into city-wide oppression, forcefully introducing it's inhabitants to the life of a slave. Why you ask? World domination of course. Oak Hollow, since it's creation, has hidden a sinister plot behind it's innocent facade. It's countless branching companies work tirelessly experimenting with metal and flesh in order to create the perfect killing machine that they could duplicate and use as a manipulative weapon. At one point they had indeed created such a machine, however, lost it and any previous research after the facility mysteriously exploded.


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